Was it a Double Victory? Lisa, Regal

How were Asian Americans treated during WWII?

Japanese Americans were put into relocation camps after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because they were seen as a threat.
The Japanese-Americans weren't seen as neighbors and kept the segregated. Based on their race and heritage, Japanese-Americans were forced out of their homes, losing their house and properties.
Filipino Americans forced to join the US military to fight during WWII.

How did they respond to such treatment? They didn't step up to fight against the Americans; they kept silent.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war? Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and forced America to fight against them.

Analysis: During WWII, the U.S. was fighting against the Pacific and believed the Asian Americans had to be dealt with so they didn't interfere with the war so that they can win.

How were Mexican Americans treated?

Mexican americans get recruited into the army.
The Mexican workers are lining the streets in hopes of being able to work on the farms in the US.

How did they respond to Such treatment? They stepped up and fought back to the Americans.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war? Hundreds and thousands of Mexicans and Mexican Americans joint the army services to fight to defend US.

Analysis: WWII caused a lot of discrimination and racism in different ethnics in the U.S. The Mexican Americans were harassed like the Native Americans and discriminated by "Americans". Mexican Americans wanted to avoid the harassment, so they joined the Army Service and fought in the war.

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