From the Headmaster:

Cast your minds back one year and we were ‘enjoying’ quite the heatwave. No danger of plants drying out at the moment, although we may well be set for good weather for the remainder of term. So much still to look forward to.

Sports Day two weeks away, once again being held at the Sir Mo Farah Running Track at St. Mary’s University, a certain expedition next week as well as a small athletics event against Clarence House.

It is fascinating how in such a short space of time certain events have developed into tradition at Park Hill. The summer term parent social seems to get more enjoyable each time we hold it, this year better than twelve months ago. I do hope that you enjoyed it as much as I certainly did, what a star we have in Chef Leon.

As worthy of mentioning is the tremendous support from staff in preparing for the event. Thank you everyone for making the evening so enjoyable.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. Start warming up for the Sports Day, I seem to recall overhearing, on Friday evening, a plot to alter the parents race to determine the outcome? Surely not.

Yours sincerely,


PS - Let’s go fly a kite! Friday 21st, 2pm at Richmond Park. Don’t forget!

PPS - Whole School and class photographs on Wednesday, best uniform please!

Chapeau to the Chef!

Uniform - Whole School Photographs

Our whole school photograph is on Wednesday and I am keen to give plenty of advance warning as to uniform and washing machine logistics!

As we are looking to celebrate our 70th Anniversary next year, the whole school photograph will be viewed by many sets of eyes, therefore may I request your help with ensuring the children are wearing the following on Wednesday 19th June -

Girls from Year 3 must wear the grey skort, preferably the pink stripe blouse, blazer with plain white socks and black shoes.

Girls in Reception to Year 2 must wear the pink striped summer dress, blazer and plain white socks with black shoes.

Boys from Reception through to Year 6 must wear grey shorts, white shirt, school tie, blazer and grey socks with black shoes.

Children in First and Second Steps must wear maroon shorts, white polo shirt and black shoes for the photograph.

I had to give the teachers even more notice for hairdresser appointments...

Collection Arrangements - Safeguarding

We would be most grateful if any messages regarding collection are passed at the gate with Mrs Watts or Mrs Blower, emailed or called through to the office and not left with the teacher.

Similarly, we would also be grateful if any last minute changes to collection (from 2.30pm) are called through to the School Office and not emailed to ensure the message has been received.

Year 4 and Year 5 Expedition

So, now to plan the next expedition. As the children get older, in addition to enjoying the Lulworth Cove trip, we are keen to provide them with additional opportunities to test their Adventure School skills. We are planning to provide them with an overnight camp along the Thames at Laleham Campsite. Taking place overnight from Thursday 20th June to Friday 21st June, similar activities to those enjoyed by their younger counterparts will be arranged by the accompanying staff, with the children then making their return to school on the Friday. Children will leave school on the Thursday afternoon on the minibus, set up camp and then take part in various team challenges, before then cooking their own meal on the trangia stoves that evening.

For those children most confident on their bikes, we will be cycling the 20km along the River Thames to the site, carrying their own equipment courtesy of our own set of bikepacking bags donated by the Alpkit Foundation.

They will leave school slightly earlier on the Thursday, pedal down to Hampton Court, cross the bridge, continue through Molesey, Sunbury, Walton, get the ferry across to Shepperton and then plough on to Chertsey, dip under the M25 and then turn the corner to Laleham Camping Club.

Whilst relatively flat, 20km is no small undertaking.

Again, I shall be joined by Mr Papps, Mrs Gibbons and Miss Renfrew on the bikes with Mrs Bond in charge of setting up base camp!

Social Media


There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Key Dates & Notices

Saturday 29th June - Speech and Sports Day St Mary’s University. 9.30am to 1pm.

Thursday 4th July - Summer Performance

Friday 5th July - Last Day of Term. School and Nursery closed from 12.30pm

News from the Classes

News from Year 4 and Year 5

Has it been a regular “normal” week at Park Hill? I ask myself this every Friday when summarising our week’s experiences. No trips, no camping, no special event at school or at a nearby theatre, dinosaurs didn’t invade our classroom, and no closure due to a burst water pipe. Just pupils in the classroom or a sports complex trying their hardest. But believe me it has been a very interesting week so please read on.

We did have one special visitor this week, and a small excursion for a few pupils, but more on those events later.

In Maths, our humour reached the lowest common denominator as fractions of the class embraced using their division and multiplication skills to aid re-capping our knowledge of finding equivalent fractions. These skills were then employed to aid our addition and subtraction of fractions where denominators where made equivalent in order to carry out the chosen operation. It was encouraging to see how much information had been remembered since last teaching fractions, but also it was essential to remind pupils of techniques and methods to ensure their skills are retained.

Our journalistic skills were furthered in English lessons as Year 4 and 5 pupils were told to convert spoken dialogue in to reported speech (indirect speech). We analysed journalistic features of newspapers in our comprehension to identify how a news story is constructed and presented.

We were also very privileged on Friday afternoon to have Susan Blackburn run a journalism workshop that revealed the fascinating life of a journalist and essential skills required. In her presentation Susan detailed some of her fascinating experiences from around the world: being arrested in the Ivory Coast; dodging gun fire in war torn countries and interviews with world leaders such as President Clinton. Although her training as a foreign correspondent has involved wearing bullet proof clothing and learning survival techniques in war zones and natural disasters, Susan passed on essential tools for being a good journalist and gathering vital information for a news report. Amongst those tools were open questions to gain more information for our article, as well as how we can set up a filmed interview.

We thank Susan for her time and for her wonderful presentation and engaging activities.

In other subjects we have been developing our drawing techniques and observations of coastal wildlife in the UK. These drawings will support our research for Humanities as we investigate how wildlife has adapted and is suited to their environment on our shorelines.

For those pupils who joined our Richmond Park cycle ride, it was a great bonding experience amongst peers as we navigated our way around the whole circumference past all gates. It was a great way to prepare for our Thursday cycle adventure up the Thames which we look forward to and the camping too.

As we look forward to another action packed week and school photograph, pupils are also much engrossed in rehearsals for the school summer performance. Preparations are progressing very well as we enter the final three weeks of the school year. Keep it going Year 4 and 5!

News from Year 3

Year 3 hit the ground running this week revising shortcuts to working out their times tables easily. We continued our topic on reporting in English, with Year 3 learning how to turn direct speech into indirect/reported speech. Along with our rehearsals for our summer production, the real highlight of our week, and a big thank you to Mrs Blackburn for giving up her time to talk to us about the life of a reporter. We were shocked at how heavy the protective clothing and helmet was to wear for when you are in dangerous situations!

News from Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed using their persuasive writing skills and story writing around The Journey of the Red Boat. In Maths they have enjoyed working practically to learn about mass and converting between kilograms and grams. They also experimented with balance scales. In Science, Year 2 have been learning about habitats around the world and I look forward to hearing more about that from the Year 2 pupils next week.

News from Year 1

Year 1 have been especially inspired this week as play equipment designers. They have developed their understanding of a design brief and worked hard to sketch a piece of play equipment that they will create from recycled materials.

The design brief included elements on joining techniques and needed the children to carefully consider which materials they would use. We thought about how to make structures more stable.

“It needs a wide base to make it sturdy.” Molly

Year 1’s maths skills continue to impress not only Miss Gardner but other teachers within the school. They have been applying their strategies independently to solve increasingly complex questions on addition, subtraction, problem solving and reasoning.

For example they have been taught to put the largest number into their head and then count on. Clear, precise modelling helps them learn this useful strategy and it was a joy to see the children modelling it to one another in class.

We continue to be kinaesthetic learners and use tangible objects to help comprehend the concept of numbers more deeply as well as using number lines and number squares regularly. Year 1 will now use a range of methods without prompting - well done.

The children have been working exceptionally hard to learning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables this year. They have enjoyed taking part in Kahoot quizzes and listening to times table song - a particular favourite to the tune of the popular song ‘Can’t stop the feeling!’ Fire some questions at them at home and see how well they can recall the answers, it’s very impressive!

In Literacy, we have been using science to inspire the children’s writing. We started looking at instructions for simple processes like cleaning teeth and the biological reason why and moved on to chemistry - creating non Newtonian liquids and then writing our very own instructions to make glitter slime!

News from Reception

Reception have been immersed into a week of creative writing, using adjectives and descriptive language in our dinosaur themed big write. “They arrived to a wetland, marsh swamp with tall sword shaped leaves which rise out of the deep water, your feet sink deep into the accumulated layers of mud. He arrived at the surface of the water and took a refreshing breath of air. Whilst keeping his body completely still, he glanced around the swamp with large circular, green eyes. He slipped his enormous body beneath the surface of the water and slithered off to search for some food..” The children’s responses were fantastic, utilising everything previously learnt about super sentences: “A green scaly rubbery crocodile,” “The green bumpy skin lizard,” “A gigantic, tall neck t-Rex” “A silver, shiny snake” “A dotty black reptile,” “The brown furry face mammoth” was some child voice ideas. Within our continuous provision, the children worked together to make their own swamp using different media and materials. In the tuff tray they mixed corn flour and paint with green plants. They made a mud bath with sand, submerging many different dinosaurs - T-Rex, Triceratops, Allosaurus, Barosaurs, stegosaurus and Diplodocus. A great stimulus for the children’s writing. Please do feel free to come and see your child’s work. We learnt many dinosaur facts, learning why and how they were extinct and what type of fossils have been left behind. We will be continuing this theme next week so if you have any books or resources related to dinosaurs please do share them with the class. Thank to you to Mrs Walsh and Mrs Greatrex, another brilliant mystery reading session.

News from Second Steps

This week Second Steps have had a great week full of creative activities. We created some wonderful paper airplanes and even had a race to see who’s could fly the furthest. Second Steps have started their transition into their new Reception class and have enjoyed spending time with their new teachers and exploring the classroom.

The highlight to the week has got to be our amazing dinosaur visit. We got to see a wonderful assembly all about dinosaurs with a special guest Sophie the 7 year old T-Rex.

News from First Steps

Happy Father’s Day! This week in First Steps, children have been busy making cards for their daddies. After creating their cards, some children wanted to do some pictures in their card to show how much do they love their daddies.

The first Steps children welcomed Muyao in our class and helped him to follow class routines. Well done, First Steps!

We talked about potty training and had our doll nappies, dolls and toy potty at home corner. Some children pretend to be a mummy and some of them wanted to be a baby and they practiced doing potty training. We mentioned that each child needs to tell a teacher if they need to go to the lavatory.

At Woodland School, children kept looking for natural objects at the bark area. We have found a ball, a string, small stones, leaves, different size barks and even a coin!

The children have enjoyed decorating mermaid tail and created different patterns using different coloured pencils.

We joined the Dinosaur Workshop on Friday and had so much fun! Some of the children wanted to have a closer look at the dinosaurs some of them preferred to watch them from distance. But no one resist to roar!!!

With Mrs Georgina, children practised walking like a robot, and moved different part of their bodies following the instructions.

Please don’t forget to bring your kites by Tuesday, we will fly them at Richmond Park on Friday!

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