How to build my bridige. By Brooke Bennett


300 Popsicle sticks

2 bottles of elmer's Glue ( hot glue may be better to use)

100 Paper clips

A surface to work on


1.First you want to get all the supplies together and put it on the table.

2. You will need to start with the base. You want to glue 15 popsicle sticks horizontally overlapping, 8 on the bottom and 7 on top. Then start gluing them together (2)

3.Once that is dry you want to start building the tops of the bridge. By overlapping more popsicles top of the base and start making a arch shape. Build on both bases

4.the bridge top should look like figure 5

5.Next you want to make 3 lines with 11 sticks, 5 on bottom and 6 on the top. Glue horizontally using 12-10 popsicle sticks in the middle of the bridges (9)

6.Once that dries just start to Make 45* triangles and glue them to the rows together from step 5. (figure 4 for reference)

7.You need to make 2 bases. Just make two layers one going up and one going down (figure 5) of 10 sticks and glue then all together

8.Leave enough room for the top of the bridge to find in the base by taking one off the base form step 7.

9. Once the top of the bridge is connected to the bases glue the top of the bridges together

10. One that dries then it should look like figure five

Figure 5

Figure 4

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