Vocabulary Project By: (Jaheim Perkins) matthew elias

Compensate- Give someone something, typically money, in recognition of loss. Ex. The insurance company compensated me for my car crash.
Conceive- To get pregnant, Form a plan. Ex. I conceived to take over the world.
Derive- Obtain something from a (specific source), base a concept on a logical extension or modification. Ex. The tradition of somali people derive them from the same religion.
Diversity- The state of being diverse, variety of different and a variety of things. Ex. There is a lot of diversity at Grandview High School.
Inhibit- Hinder, restrain, or prevent ( an action or process), Make someone self conscious and unable to act in a relaxed way. Ex. Matthew's mom inhibited him to stay outside after the street lights came on.
Moderate- a person who holds moderate views, especially in politics, make or become less extreme. Ex. Ears of moderate size, thickly clothed with long hair.
Supplement- Something that completes or ensures something else when applied. Ex- I had to buy me some protein supplements for me to get muscles.
Surpass- exceed or be greater than. Ex. The young man surpassed the other people in the race.
Tentative- not certain or fixed, done without confidence. Ex. Timmy was tentative about setting up his tent correctly.
Verify- Make sure or demonstrate that something is true. Ex. I had to verify that money was taken out of my bank account.

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