Engaging Students with Interactive images & videos Thinglink in the modern classroom


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1. Create a close relationship with your students.
2. Add humor to your lessons.
3. Give your students freedom of choice on all projects.
4. Display your students' work.
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Last time, you were able to take us through your life's learning journey and learned a few things about your colleagues and their learning journeys. It was great connecting and sharing your learning with your group face to face. In the end, you were able to share your journey with the world by developing some great images, a video, and built a web presence to share your story.

What if I told you you can go back and make those pictures and videos interactive to enhance your story and learnings with your audience? Yup, you can! With ThingLink, teachers and students can easily enhance images and videos with additional notes, photos, audio, video, and other multi-media content. Students acquire visual presentation skills and communicate through digital storytelling across grade levels, on any device.

What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a free and user friendly digital tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image into an interactive graphic. Create multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turn that image into a multimedia launcher. Include video, record audio or provide a link to any website with the click of a button. Easily embed an interactive ThingLink graphic into any blog or website. ThingLink is a truly amazing tool that allows users to pack a lot of content into a small space.

Take a look at these examples :-)

How could you use Thinglink in your classroom?

  1. Choose one of your learning stories images from last week or choose an idea from here: Thinglink Ideas
  2. Upload the image to your Thinglink account
  3. Create a Thinglink interactive image with at least 3 different types of media (Test, image, video, website...etc.)
  4. Share it with the class here: http://bit.ly/sccoethinglink
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