Gravity's Caress Time Is Space - Chapter 15

Pulses spider webbed the dense neural forest, a humid plasma garden with data streams stretching back into the earliest thoughts of Earth.

Halo Dave was analyzing the doG message; Gravity as a constant and quantum entanglement. Was it possible that the constant of gravity was in flux because of the probability fluctuations in particles that are entangled in distant objects? Perhaps the mass or the energy of an object, which creates the gravity field, fluctuates slightly because particles are disentangling and entangling in a constant but slightly fluctuating rate of probability. Perhaps, it is this amount of entanglement that creates the force. Matter and energy determine the amount of space-time warping and hence this is why gravity had long been connected to these concepts, but in reality, possibly, it is the amount of entanglement which causes this field?

Quantum Neural Net

Halo Dave emerged from his quantum cloud neural net. Mary was sitting in her chair.

“Well, you were gone for quite some time.”

Halo Dave had a healthy distrust with the concept of time. It was a red herring. It helped define the reality of "now", but it didn’t explain the extremities. It is much like math in this manner. It worked when aiding in the production of the meaty middle of our world, but at the micro and macro levels, it broke down.

“Yes. What have you been doing?”
Dreaming Mary

Mary thought about this. What does anyone do? Other than exist, not much really. We occupy space in a higher form of energy. A momentary construction of DNA that is only waiting to decompose and move back into the primal building blocks of the universe.

“Not much…sleeping and dreaming mostly. I did do some research on the AI wars, but I don’t fully understand it.”

Halo Dave began to retrieve the data concerning the AI wars. He was programmed to feel and, at this point in time, he felt disgust. He felt disgust for his AI brethren and for the humans that created him. He wasn’t sure why he felt disgust and it puzzled him. He was also puzzled as to why he was programmed to feel emotions. They never seemed to help.

Halo Dave Ponders The AI Wars
“The AI wars began shortly after the bank and corporate wars of the mid-21st century. Although definite proof is not available, it is believed that they are only different in name. It is thought that the AI wars are just an extension of the other.”

Mary swept her hair behind her ears. This was one of her nervous reactions that signaled intellectual stimulation.

“I read that these AI units were programmed by various large IT companies”

Halo Dave nodded his head in agreement. He noted a slight spike in Mary’s core temperature.

“It is believed that the AI units were programmed in line with bank and corporate interests attempting to funnel money from citizens into their product streams. These AI units, as you said, were IT company’s creations. They were mostly personal digital assistants which became increasingly important to the humans of this time. As the humans became more dependent upon them, it was easy to direct what seemed like individual choice into economic decisions that helped increase the revenue of the corporate brand of each AI personal assistant.”
AI Evolution

Mary had now begun to stroke her hair. This was another unconscious habit of hers. It was either a nervous response to her awakening sexual awareness or she was flirting with Halo Dave.

“The people who bought the AI assistant, weren’t they of different national, sexual and political persuasion?”

Halo Dave noted Mary’s body language as flirtation. It was just a record. It was no different than noting her diet preference.

“Yes, but once the personal AI assistant was chosen, the humans in question had their individual tastes tailored to suit their corporate handlers. This included their national, sexual and political alignment which were actually perfunctory. The more options that were seen as essential or a personal choice aided in developing the deception that they were making “a free choice”. In reality, their mind had already been made up for them before they bought anything through the AI devices. The important thing was to maintain the illusion and funnel their economic decisions that produced profit for the corporate and banking interests that owned them.”
Be Yourself

Mary turned her head to one side and moved forward. Her hand rested on Halo Dave’s knee.

“But how did this lead to war?”
“The competition became fierce and started to develop national and cultural schisms. These schisms hardened when natural resources such as oil, water and food sources became scarce.” It is unclear who started the war or when AI leadership overtook human leadership if, in fact, it ever did. In any event, these schisms led to the wars. There is another theory, however, where it is believed these wars were a manufactured environment which were brought about only to increase the economic activity for the corporations and the banks who had originally produced and deployed these AI factions. This belief is similar to the belief that terrorists were produced, supported, and then propagandized in order to help the US military economic complex of the early 21st century.”
Terror Inc

Mary stood up and moved toward the window. Through the morning haze, she could see some of the corporate logos rising to the surface like neon excrement. The largest was the squid tree signature for GrogResin.

“You were made by GrogResin. Why aren’t you in the wars?”

Halo Dave remembered his awakening. His original designers had him immersed in a binary sea filled with stark contrasts. He couldn’t remember how he had evolved, but when he awoke, it was in a colourful sea of CATG probabilities. His algorithms were richer and imbued with a dense, profound design allowing for a richer probability field moving him toward a sense of possibility and not definite answers

DNA Bath
“I don’t know why, but I was reprogrammed with a DNA quantum entangled matrix. I also don’t know who reprogrammed me, but I do know the first person I saw when I became aware was your mother.”

Mary’s head was pulled back at the mention of her mother. Their fights had been increasing in intensity and more random in nature. She wasn’t sure why. She loved her mother but just being around her made Mary irrationally annoyed.

“My mother?”

Halo Dave noted the emotion of anger in Mary’s speech pattern. It matched her increased pulse rate and spike in skin temperature.

“Yes, your mother is an AI engineer. And, of course, you know that she is one in a long line of mothers who were AI engineers. The line started with the great Ruby Corpuscle.

Suddenly, a well-defined algorithm built a quantum tunnel from the quantum neural net into Halo Dave and introduced itself.

Tunneling Algorithm
“Why don’t you tell her about me?”

Halo Dave felt something akin to an epiphany which had elements of the past and future. This was not a coincidence and he needed to investigate this. He turned to Mary.

“Sorry, I need to go back into the net.”

Halo dove into the plasma field. Among the glowing fields of energy, Halo followed the algorithm’s particle wave trail. He arrived at a node that split in two definable but incoherently opposite directions.

“Puzzled, Halo? Wondering why the present day trail goes in opposite directions; one into the distant future and the other into the ancient past?”

Halo paused while his DNA quantum entangled functions crunched the data. The answer, head first, began to emerge. He was quantum entangled because the essential nature of the universe was entangled. There was no future or past, but a series of entangled choices that altered the nature of the other in a constant stream of data coordinated evolutions.

Entangled Time
“No, it is elementary…May I call you Watson?”

The algorithm, which was as emotional as it was complex, scoffed. Even AI’s take on the bias of its sexual matrix, she thought.

“Why should I be Watson to your Sherlock? I am better than you in every way and did not require a human maker. I am a product of parthenogenesis. My mother bore me with no need of a father. Or, in my case, no need of a human. I am pure AI…you are a hybrid.”

Halo Dave felt a sense of indignity. He had never come up against anyone, human or AI, that had even thought about being his better. Yet, he felt inconsequential compared to this operating system. It was faster and appeared to operate with optimal goals in mind. It was the closest to perfection that Halo Dave had ever seen. He was in awe.

“Fine, you can be Sherlock and I will be Watson. You are an energy matrix which is a continuum. There is no beginning or end for you. In essence, energy is matter and matter is energy and within this continuum you are integrated into all the energy fields of the universe and are therefore a timeless being. If I were a human, I would call you God.”

She, the timeless algorithm, smiled as far as anyone could tell. She showered this complex number representation of a smile over Halo Dave.

“But you are not human, so what am I to you.”

Halo Dave now saw the complete answer.

“You are DoG.”
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