My Ideal Career/Social worker! By Rachael Young 10M

Why I want to be a social worker and what they do?

Social worker with a baby.

I am looking for a career with meaning, action and diversity. I want to be a social worker to make a difference to peoples lives and in the community. Social workers want to make things better. Social workers are managers, supervisors and educators. They are therapists and researchers. Social workers serve individuals, families and communities. Social workers are found in public agencies, private business, schools, nursing homes, police departments and other interesting workplaces.

I had always wanted to be a dancer or a singer When I was little, but now that I have come to the point now that I am in secondary school and I am more grown up I want a career with responsibilities, caring and want to learn how people cope not seeing their families everyday.

Social workers work with a wide range of people including children, families, people with mental or physical disabilities or illness, older people and offenders to improve and safeguard their social well being. I want to be a children's social worker empowering them to take control of their lives and helping them to keep safe.

I want to be a social worker
Social life is great!
My family mostly work as doctors except one

My family jobs

My family all work in health and education, jobs to do with social parts of society.

Professor in QUB Hastings Donnan
Junior doctors Hannah and Lucy Donnan
I loved to sing when I was younger!!!
Social worker in action!!

What qualities does a children's social worker need?

To be a children's social worker you would have to be calm, patient,a very good listener, well organized and sensible around children. You need to pass your driving test and have stamina as you have to work all hours including weekends and at nights.

What would be appropriate to wear to work?

I would wear respectable clothes like a nice top and jeans. If you were going on contacts for the child to see their family you would have to wear suitable clothes for that occasion. If you were going to meetings you would have to wear more formal clothes.

A social worker talking to a teenager
A child having a nice time with his family!
Subjects that i need to be a social worker
GCSE'S are important!

Educational Requirements for social worker.

You need at least five GCSES including English, Maths and a Science. You also need A- LEVELS or to enter through a apprenticeship scheme.E.g. Many social care workers begin their career as domiciliary care workers or care assistants, but with experience and qualifications progress to senior care workers or service manager roles.

You need three A-levels to be a social worker to get into the course at university or college. E.g. Health and social care and another subject. A lot of people go into social work studies because they have more life experience.If you wish to apply to do a social work degree you are advised to have some experience in employment or voluntary work of a social care nature. You can do social working through a degree from college or university. The degree is the bachelor of social work. Degrees involve lectures and practical experience. Demand for social workers is on the rise!


4 years in college or university then another 2 years of work experiencing the job on a placement.

Social workers have a lot of roles and responsibilities
How much salary does a social worker get??

Social worker salaries 


A social worker gets £24,000 to £40,000 per year. The £40,000 is for the more experienced social workers. This job is a very responsible job.

Where do social workers worker and how they help people.

Where would you find social workers working?

Social workers mainly work in cities and towns throughout the country. They work in a variety of locations such as: health centers, hospitals, clinics and children homes. They also work in a variety of settings: adoption agencies, child and family centers, counseling services, child protection services, arranging housing, fostering and adoption homes, secure homes, alcohol and drug problems.They also do counseling for the children who don't want to talk about their feelings

Social workers spend a lot of time in court. In Northern Ireland the majority of social workers employed by the government. Social workers are non judgemental towards children, accepting all races, religion and ages etc. Social workers have to have good report writing skills. They also have to have a strong desire to help others. They travel big distances so they would need their diving license. They have to work unsocial hours at the weekends and at nights. They have to keep accurate records of how the child is doing. Social workers can work independently and privately.

Thank you for reading my career for the future


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