Neil Armstrong By:Adein borton

1969 Neil Armstrong and his partner Buzz Aldrin

Neil Armstrong's early life

Neil Armstrong was born in the year 1930 and lived till 2012! Neil also lived in Ohio. Neil happend to be the eldest of his siblings Stephen and viola. Neil was fascinated with things in the air. Infact he had a pilots license at the age SIXTEEN!

The successful Apolo 11 misson took 3 days 3 hours and 40 minuets.TO LAND ON THE MOON!

Where did Neil Armstrong explore (or search)?

The moon!

What was Neil Armstrong's exploration like?

Neil Armstrong's exploration was super dangerous and he could have died! Him and his partner Buzz Aldrin were basically genie pig's in a rocket. Neil Armstrong's exploration was not only dangerous but think about the intensity of being in a rocket that you don't know will work. But being a success it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone.

Neil Armstrong's death

A sad day in human history is the Neil Armstrong died August 25,2012


My favorite part is that Neil Armstrong had a piloting license at the age sixteen. And at that I leave you with new information about Neil Armstrong and his partner Buzz Aldrin and their exploration to The Moon!

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