My Stock Market Portfolio By shizuki

A company stock is sold in units called shares. A share is a units of ownership,or equity. A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits.All Ordinaries, Shanghai Composite, Hang Kong, BSE 30, Jakarta Composite Index, KLSE Composite and so on . The ticker symbol is used to search the company. In some market ticker symbol has to be a specific number of letters. The mutual fund is a pool of different stocks and bonds from many investors managed by a professional or a bank. The various investors usually have to pay a fee for advice and management. After that their profit depends on the performance of their stocks and bonds, etc. Supply is the amount of goods / services produced and available. Supply is the amount of goods / services produced and available. When there is a high demand of products / services the stocks will go up in value. When there is too much supply of a product the prices will go down and then the value stocks will also go down. Pros : you can make a lot of profit within a short time. Cons: you can make a big loss within a short time.




Why you decided to invest in this company ?

TOYOTA is the most famous cars company in Japan I have PILOT pencils. I think every students also have PILOT's pencils and pens. DAIKIN company is Japanese company. I didn't come up with the other country's companies.

The CoreCivic is the best companies at all. The worst company is AMAZON. All chart show me which company is the best and which company is the worst. Next if I was to redo this project, I search some information about company that becoming increase. Also I going to see the news such as movement of the world and so on. I've learned about how to invest. I've learned about how to make some money. Also I learned about how to see the world from other perspective. The other perspective is invest. I'm sure it was experience for me.


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