A Need for Food By Nelson Damore

World Wars and agriculture: Agriculture placed a huge role in the world wars. During the world wars, men in different countries needed ways to make enough foods to feed the men in the wars. During long wars, healthy and strong men usually overpowered skinny, starving men. By the end of the wars, if you had more food and and an equal amount of men that the opposing side, you would be favored to win.

Having the most amount of men didn't always mean you would win the war, for example, during the Revolutionary War, the US and Great Britain early on in the war, Britan controlled most of the United State's food. That all changed when the US had the ability to supply their own food making the US less dependent of Britan. Now that Britain is not controlling the US as much, other countries move quickly to begin treaties because of thir new rise in power.

Improvements in Farming

Over 200 years ago 90 percent of Americans lived on farms, but currently, only 2 percent of the population lives on farms. in 1940 one farmer could feed 19 purple a day, now one farmer can feed 155 people a day. One major change in the past 200 year is the type of equipment we use to farm. During the early years of the US, people used animals or themselves, to tend their fields. Over time you or your animal would get tired forcing you to minimize your farm size. Now, farmers use motorized vehicles to tend their fields, making it faster, cheeper, and easier. Right now, we are in the goldilocks conditions for farming. Farmers, have proper land, equal sun shine, fast machinery, and water systems. These 4 things provide the perfect conditions for farming. With these 4 things we are able to produce food at a much higher rate than during the beginning of agriculture.


One astonishing advancement in agriculture was with the irrigation system. The irrigation system tracks back all the way to Mesopotamia times when they would use rain water, and collect it by using streams that lead into a big center pot. Irrigation systems changed the face of farming because it allowed people farm during all seasons. In the month of July, when there is very little rain, you would still have the ability to grow food by using the water in your irrigation system. With around the clock faming, food numbers begin to rise and so does the population. we now have enough food to increase the population and to expand our nation even more. Over all, will irrigation systems farmers now have easy access to water helping them grow food around the clock.

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