SUGO CORK RUGS® is a brand of innovative hand-woven rugs with a contemporary and sustainable design, differentiated by the use of a patent-pending cork solution in a manufacturing process which brings the traditional weaving art techniques back.

SUGO CORK RUGS® is committed to environmental sustainability at all stages of the product’s life cycle. From the collection of raw materials to the final product and packaging, it uses environmentally-friendly materials that preserve the ecosystem.

It was created and designed by Susana Godinho who has a 17 years’ experience in the textile industry and rug manufacturing and is passionate about it. Her goal is to develop products with responsible design, working exclusively with eco-friendly materials together with the natural cork fabric.

In addition to cork, SUGO CORK RUGS® combines Portuguese wool and recovered cotton from large industrial productions. These options allow the combination of the cork with one or several colours, creating in a multiplicity of patterns, colours and textures, perfect for any interior space.

With the use of a cork solution, SUGO CORK RUGS® offers numerous performance benefits such as durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort and minimizes the risk of allergies.

The cork used in the rugs comes from the world’s largest cork company and also our partner – Amorim Group – whose performance is crucial to the sustainable management of cork oak forests and the implementation of best environmental and social practices.

As well as the cork, SUGO CORK RUGS® privileges the best Portugal has to offer, working with producers and suppliers, who share the same concerns for the environment and sustainable practices.

It’s not just a rug, it’s a piece of design embracing sustainability. Feel your Feet.

Design Weaving

Besides the collection on the website, customizations are possible using different material combinations, weaving designs and colours. Multiple patterns are possible, from simple weaving patterns like taffeta to twill, goose eye unique and creative patchworks.

Choose one of our 4 different combinations

Cork + Portuguese Wool

Sugo Cork Rugs ® combines the cork on its natural tonality with Portuguese wool. We suggest our trendy 24 colour palette but the range of colours in this quality is wide, as we can dye the colours upon request.

Cork + Cotton Loop Yarn

The range of colours in this quality is wide, because they result of gathering dozens of different yarns to obtain the desired colour. With this process, by using different set of yarns, the final colour can be smooth or with a more contrasting blend tonality.

Cork + Cotton Jersey

The range of colours in this combination is limited, as we work with recovered cotton, which is a by-product of great knit textile productions. For this reason, it is only possible to guarantee orders and quantities amounts in ivory, black, navy and white. For the remaining colours the quantity is limited and only available upon request and we suggest it for limited/exclusive applications. This quality is recommended for plain mats (in ivory, black, navy and white) or in multi-stripes as presented in the collection. Always emphasizing that we only guarantee approximated colours or tonalities, being the perfect design object for anyone looking for a unique piece. We can offer and guarantee any cotton jersey color by request, as we can dye the ivory or the white jersey always based in minimal quantities orders.

Cotton Mix

In this quality we work jersey and loop yarn together with the cork, getting all the best of both qualities on the same rug.

The rug’s finishing

Borders are 100% natural linen also as the rug’s warp. However, it can be made in the same material and colour of the rug, if requested, with a sewed border or with fringes. We also weave independent pieces and after sew and blend them together, offering rugs with unique shapes and designs like our Masha rug.

Weaving Patterns

Patchwork 6 | Twill | Lines | Patchwork 7
Diamond | Tafeta | HandKnot | Vertical Stripes


One colour | One weaving design

One colour | Several weaving designs

Several colours | One weaving design

Several colours | Several weaving designs



ALL THE WAY RUG for Ligne Roset
OSLO for Monolocale Norway


Vacuum your rug regularly. In case of stains, immediately remove the liquid with a kitchen paper or a clean white cloth. For the solid stains, please scratch carefully with the tip of a knife or spoon. Prolonged exposure to the sun can change the color of your rug so avoid to submit it to bright light and rotate it regularly. We recommend dryclean your rug at a specialized service. When necessary, take your rug to a specialist dry-cleaner.

Delivery Time: From 2 to 12 Weeks, depending on quantities, rugs’ dimensions and materials required.

We only produce rugs with widths under 350 cm. For widths between 200 and 350cm, however, prices and delivery times are slightly higher and informed per request.


Sugo Cork Rugs

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