One Tweet Jacob fielding @usher Justice or just us is the system broken?

My posters are simple but effective they convey a strong message I have experimited with different colour combinations to see which contrasts best.

The black one white and red work well together its really eye catching, as well as the colours give the feeling of pain and suffering.

I like the colour combination, its very eye catching in my opinion.

I can relate to the tweet as me myself have expreienced the system being broken, our system is failed, the world works on deception manipulation and perception.

Here I experimented with breaking up the N on broken to try and get a different type of effect personally I did not prefer it.

This is my favourite of the series. as the colour combiniation works the best the red works well with the prison bars. As well as the N which was meant to represent a person being broken and eaten up by the system(metaphorically speaking). the prison bars also conveys continuation of this struggle of the system which will not change because people are so easily decieved by lies and tears, people make decissions before they have even heard both sides of a story, they instantly believe the person trying to convey themselves as a victim because that is the way the world works its the simple way out its the easy answer, The conclusion: The system is broken people are broken.

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