What is Good Food to YOU? Naturally produced, Humanely raised, Freshly grown

Good food was here once, long before GMOs, overproduction and overcrowding.

GM foods are genetically engineered foods that maintain a certain look or taste due to chemical engineering. They change the foods DNA. Many foods that we see now did not look like the ones that our grandparents grew. Our seeds are even modified. Is it even possible to not have GM foods these days?
Burpee is one of the few seed company's that does not sell or buy GM seeds. They have no intention of doing it in the future either. They believe if you need to change something it should be done naturally, in the field, not biochemically, in a lab.
Imagine this next time you eat at KFC. This is how they are raised. This is not humane and this is not okay. They are not raised, they are part of a factory, they are produced. With all of these chickens in the same area, our environment is at risk. This is effecting our air and our soil. It would not be such a problem, if these chickens were spread across the country instead of in one barn. This is not how it is meant to be, this is just misery.
Eating as a family has many benefits.. Including higher self esteem, lower risk of depression, and better academic performance.
Home grow your food to get a better understanding of where it all comes from.
Maybe even raise your own chickens or live stock with a good chicken to land ratio to know that your food was raised humanely.
Support your local farmers and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market when you can, rather than the grocery store.
Exercise is a healthy part of eating. It helps you maintain a higher metabolism and a healthy weight.
Have you ever thought about where your water comes from or who you're affecting with every water bottle you drink? Drinking water from a plastic bottle isn't only potentially harmful to you, it is harmful to our animals. Many animals die in the ocean each day because of pollution.
Hate vegetables? Give them another try, you´d be surprised how much you actually like after giving it a shot. Not only is it good for you but it tastes delicious.


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