The Train Ride

Finally we've arrived! We had finally arrived to Washington D.C to meet the president of the United States of America at the white house. "Wow the white house is so beautiful in person." said mom. "Well, we better get going or else we'll be late for the celebration!" said mom. We walked into the white house to try and find our seats and everywhere you turned there was a bodyguard! There was almost a 1000 people. Most people were in the white house but some were also wrapped all around the white house. Then out of nowhere we hear "Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States of America, please welcome your president, Mr. Donald Trump!" A huge applause rises from the crowd when Donald Trump comes out on the stage. "Thank you all for coming to the celebration of me becoming the president to all you beautiful people!" Another loud roar comes from the crowd. After an hour long celebration with music, cake, and everything a party should have we finally got the chance of only five to meet the president of the United States! I was so exited because I got to do a once in a life time opportunity to meet the president.


Created with images by KansasScanner - "BNSF 7026 Leads WB Manifest Olathe, KS 2-11-17"

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