Body Language What motivates your speech?

"You praise God with that mouth?"

It is hard now a days not to notice how angry the language used on message boards, chat rooms , DM's and Facebook coments have become. It is difficult to even tell who is a TROLL and who is just is actually trying to express themselves.

Troll - Someone who intentionally sows seed of discord and hate on the internet for the soul purpose of causing chaos.

What is really strange is that over the last year I have seen a up tick in these kind of comments made from self professing christians.Most of the time the situation is that the christian believes that they are speaking from a stand point of defending their faith. Which is dope! However we have to consider the HOW just as much as the WHY.

If you were to ask someone why they sound so aggressive they would most likely say -"I'm just passionate!"

But we must be honest and say that now a days listening is alreadys hard enough to on top of that Beto fused or feel attacked gives the listener many options: Stop listening, defend themselves because of the feeling of personal attack or shut down altogether. The way you say what ever you say can makes it difficult for the listener or easier. Even if we could cite a scripture to explain your point of view. That does not negate your responsibility to ensure that what you were saying is being heard, being understood and clear. Now, it is not your responsibility to make them agree but by stating a clear case you give them the best opportunity to do so.

I believe one of the biggest obstacles to clear communication is motive. Why you were saying what you're saying. I believe having the reason you're having this conversation clear and in the forefront of your mind makes it become a filter for what and how you say what you need to say..

Question? When in a debate are you trying to win the argument or win the person?

Paul writes that he became all things to reach all men. Not just to show off his intelligence, soap box his perspective or feed his ego. He saw his conversation not as fighting a war but preforming a operation on a unruly patient. He must be more careful, more patient and more persistent to achieve the goal of healing them. The truth can cut like a sword but we must tell the whole truth patch them back up. For example: "Alll have sinned and come short of the glory of God." But "Yet God, with underserved kindness declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ when he freed us from the penalty of our sin." I'm not saying water down your approach I'm say tell the whole story. It is totally possible to speak truth was still holding on to your kindness and humility. Remember...

In the Bible Jesus got upset.

He spoke with passion, vigor and authority. .But the frequency of his heart was never to be right, to point out or wrong, to establish his intelligence and give them a piece of his mind. Even in the harshest of chastisement you can always hear the background music of his speech is hope. He never lost the idea that you could repent, that you could change and that you could turn around.

Remember as Christians we are not the ruler or the measurement of how others shape up or inch out. That's the job of the Bible and the Holy Spirit. We are simply arrows, billboards and commercials. We are the redeemed. We have no power to give the redemption we've received to another but simply extend a hand in love hoping that we can introduce them to the one who redeems us.

Peace and love family.

-Alexander James

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Alexander James


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