Greek 6 Compnent Project By: Caleb Zhang

Geography/Cities: The Geography in Greece is mostly bodies of water and also is a pennisula and also lots of mountain ranges and seas that seperated the Greek city-states. Some city-states were located near water and most of them had ships and a navy. Some, like Sparta was mostly war on land and also very strong and powerful military and mostly only worked on that for men and boys. Most city-states were located near a body of water hence why there was so much trading in Greece and how they made colonies and spread and got lots of money and wealth by being a very good and well trader. Most of the city-states were seperated by mountains while others were seperated by seas or was on a Island.

Class divisions: Greek citezen ship was mostly men that had more rights in Athens and in Sparta, Women were more freer than most Women and Men. Men in Athens were able to vote and also had more rights than women in Athens. Athenian boys were able to go to school while girls were taught by mothers and learned the duty for house jobs and the girls then taught when they had female children. They mostly stayed home, did chores. Men were able to go out and were also able to vote and go to speacil meetings and women normally went to funerals or went with their husband or male . This made the Greeks different since the did what they could and also other places the rules are different and also have rights to everyone. And gave jobs to some people too. Not all people were able to go to work and war made ltos of people lose jobs and couldn't make a living. Normally, all people had rights, but in Greece, only some could really have rights.

Art: There were 5 forms of Art that the Greeks used and they were, architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, and jewelry making. Architecture was when they built buildings and designed them the way that they wanted to in what they beileved in or gods and goddesses. Sculpture was when they made sculptures with clay stone and other things and also then made them as a human or object. Painting was mostly used with painting a picture of a time or place or something fiction. Pottery was when they would use a spinning wheel and form the Pot with their hands and left it in some heated area or left it to dry. Jewelry making when they used something sharp and carved through a mineral or crystal. The Greek ideas mostly spreaded after Alexander the Great helped create the Hellenistic Era and was spread across Europe and came into Asia and spread across the world. Art allowed the Greeks to have lots of paintings and help with trade back then.

Organized Government: Direct Democracy was when the whole community voted on what they wanted and was allowed to all citizens to vote exept in Athens when only Men were able to vote. Representative Democracy was when there was one person that wanted that thing or want to be in that place and was voted on and who one they thoughts choice was better. A Tyranny was when only one person was in massive power and could do what he wanted and ruled over everyone that was lower rank then him or her. A Oligarchy is when only few people in the government have power and ruler over the rest. In a Tyranny only one person ruled and it was harder for them to do everything. In a Oligarchy only had two of three people that ruled which still could cuase hardship while working. A democracy had everyone, with more people than the rest which may make lots of work to allow more than one to vote. Representative democracy had one person that help that person wanted and then voted for that person which may be harder if disliked. Athens was a Oligarchy but then was changed be Pericles and thne became a Democracy. Sparta was also a Olagarchy. Today in America, our form of government is a Representative Democracy.

Religion: In Greece the people believed that there were gods of everything that was on the Earth. The Greeks believed that each God that their was was a god of something, for example, Zeus, The God of Lightning and Ares, The God of War. They built shrines for each god and other sdturctures like statues and other buildings. Also each family had a favorite God and worshipped that most. Zeus, the God of lightning was the ruler of the Olympian Gods and was the son of Cronus, a Titan and was also and evil one. He was married to Hera The goddess of marriage. Hades was the God of the dead, and also the God of wealth. he was the brother of Zeus and Poseidon and helped them kill Cronus. He was married to Persephone who was Demeter's daughter.

Writing Systems: The Greek alphabet was slightly like the Americans, but a bit more complicated. A sentence in greek that I wanted to translate is khAthika ΧάθηκαMporEIte na me voythYsete? This means "I'm lost. Can you help me?" The Greek alphabet was not as improtant than Cuniaform and Heiroglyphics since it is similar to American writing and also Cuniaform and Heiroglyohics since it was simpily made and also Cuniaform and Heiroglyohics were made of hundreds of piucture symbols than just normal writing.


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