slaters e-portfolio multimedia

I think multimedia is a bunch of computer games . is is all about skills and the animations. it is about films ,games ,animations and websites.
This image is out of this world. This picture is a hand in the middle of nowhere made out of stone, and an old car that is being driven by a cat crashed in to the stone hand. The stone hand has a pocket watch in the palm of the hand . On top of the car there is a bid juicy pineapple. The cat in the car looks worried. I think that surrealism is something that is real but not real it sends a message.
this image is a giant turtle that is carrying some sort of house on top of its shell. the turtle looks like it is in the middle of nowhere there is a chain rapped around the turtle.
this is archeis work i did the body for the body i did a hamburger.
this is liv's i did the feet for the feet id did fanter bottle shoes.
this is my creature is my creature i drew the head it is a spit fire brand from a skate brand.
For this creature i did a Michael Jackson head with a muscle man arms and tn shoes i like it because has no legs and it makes it look really small and that was the the plan.
This creature has a spit fire face with muscle man arms and etnies shoes i like that is has no body and no legs
This creature has a spit fire head teli tubby body and arms with cartoon legs i like the teli tubby body because it looks funny.


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