History of Video games By joseph R.

The first video game came out in the 1960's. The first system was the Magnavox Odyssey. The inventor is Ralph H. Baer.

Nintendo 64 came out in June 23,1996
game boy color came out in 1998 in japan
Playstation 1 came out in december 3,1994 in japan
The original Xbox came out in November 15, 2001
The playstation 2 came out march 4, 2000 it was made in Japan
Playstation 2 memory card
Playstation 3 was made in japan and came out in November 11, 2006
the Xbox 360 was made in Japan and it came out in November 22, 2005
The playstation 4 came out November 15, 2013
The Xbox one came out in November 22, 2013
The playstation came out in October 13, 2016

Advantages of the video games are better quality and more memory than they had in the past. Disadvantages of video games are people get lazy, eat unhealthy and don't get exercise, there eyes get bad too from staring at the screen too long.

Source is google


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