Rock Around The Clock English 102 Music Video Project


The 1950's rock song, "Rock Around the Clock", influenced our cinematic choices by giving us guidelines of how the actors should look as well as act during the black and white older looking scenes as opposed to as the modern-day colored scenes.


We had a very distinct beginning middle and end to the story we portrayed in our music video. Although the script order was very specific, we could only shoot specific scenes on specific days. For example, shooting the modern scenes in one day but taking two days to shoot the black and white scenes, and eventually creating a flow throughout the video.

Mise en Scene

There were many tiny details that went into creating this video including the transition from colored to black and white film, the different ways the actors had to act and dress, and the many locations used to portray a dramatic and fun filled dream a boy has during class.


The whole video was recorded on an Iphone 7+, and shot by hand. Different effects such as black and white as well as a darker tint during the movie theatre scene were used to best resemble the fantasy we were trying to create for the audience. Some scenes were shot directly facing the students, while others used different angles to fit more of the actors into the shot and give a full view of the events occurring.


Editing played a large part in the making of this video. From the background noises, to the day-dream transition, incorporating black and white, using the wrist watch as a transition, and even the photoshopped blackboard webpage at the end are just a few examples of the editing process. Because of editing, it looked as if the students went bowling, to a diner, and even to the movies. It appeared that their day was fun and smooth, even though it took us many hours to film and compile everything.
Created By
Alice'N Renaud


Created with images by pzed - "Rock with Bill Haley and the Comets"

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