The Benefits of Marriage By Kayley Underwood

A Healthy Heart
"researchers found that married people were significantly less likely to have any kind of cardiovascular disease than single, divorced, or widowed people — regardless of age, sex, or even cardiovascular risk factors"

This is partially due to married couples having someone else to look out for their health. Married couples help each other by lowering the risk of other factors that generally cause high cholesterol. They can watch each other's diet and help each other exercise, making each other less likely to put their heart at risk. They can also help each other keep track of their medications and take each other to the doctor as needed. (Also, it is my personal belief that if you're married with kids, you're more likely to have a box of cheerios around your house.)

Increased Happiness

"Married people are twice as likely to be 'happy with life' and less than half as likely to be 'not too happy' compared to either single, cohabiting, separated, divorced or widowed people"

Having a spouse means always having someone in your corner. An intimate relationship like marriage is the closest a person can be to someone else. This mutual trust and love greatly boosts self esteem, causing one's overall happiness to sky rocket. Married people seem more confident because they have someone behind them who believes in them.

More Health Benefits

"Married couples experience lower levels of heart disease, cancers, flu, Alzheimer’s, depression and stress"

Proverbs 17:22 says, "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." If marriage truly adds to your joy in life, then that in turn increases your immune system, making it easier for you to fight off numerous communicable diseases as well as those diseases caused by stress. Happily married couples are less likely to put as much wear and tear on their bodies as single people, eliminating typical triggers for the aforementioned health issues.

Build Wealth
"Married people not only make more money, they manage money better and build more wealth together than either would alone."

This happens not only because there can be two bread winners in the household, but also because of the whole self esteem boost marriage brings. Even if one partner stays at home, he or she is still there to encourage their significant other to reach their full potential. Being married actually can encourage people to do their best, causing them to get promoted or earn a raise. Also, two heads are better than one. It's easier to budget when you have someone else to hold you accountable and help you sort through the stress of finances. Dave Ramsey would be proud.


Good, Healthy Sex
"Having sex and orgasms increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which helps us bond and build trust."

This is precious, because this is what God intended for the relationship between a man and woman to be. If you're in a healthy marriage, it's implied that you'll be having sex on a regular basis. And that's a good thing, because it actually increases fidelity towards your spouse while also making you feel good about yourself. This will help your overall health as well as make you a happier person.

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