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Climbing Mount Everest is not worth the risk for SO MANY REASONS. NEVER DO IT . Anyway one reason why it's not worth the risk is because people say they climb it for the view but, you aren't supposed stay up at the top for to long. People leave the summit almost right after they get there because of lack of oxygen. Even though people bring oxygen tanks which are pretty expensive ($11 each). Also the whole trip is very expensive on average $65,000 not even including the plane ticket you buy to fly to Nepal to climb. When climbing to the top of the world you also have the weight of the world still on you. Your backpack! On the way up and down your backpack is holding your tent,all your food,sleeping bag,things to make your food and on the way down the hardest part you have to hold all of your trash. If you don't carry your trash you have to pay a $4,000 fee! Walking down the mountain is the hardest part and you might run over a few people. Literally you might walk over a dead body since almost all the people who have died there are still on the mountain! Those arrea few reasons why I think people shouldn't climb Mount Everest.

In my eyes globalization is making the world stronger. Globalization is different countries connecting thu business, letting people all over the world have a variety of items. Globalization also brings countries together helping with economies all over this also helps countries creates many jobs helping that country. Even if the job is just working in a factory it helps the unemployment number in the country. Globalization also helps people see the culture of other countries and sometimes increasing travel rate to that country. These are some of the reasons why I think globalization is making the world stronger.

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Q: What makes a good citizen

A:Being a good citizen means a lot of things one of the most important things is voting.Although you don't have to vote it is one of the biggest ways you can help your country.Voting is not a right and many countries ,citizens cannot vote n the next leader.Being a good citizen also means doing your responsibilities like paying taxes,following social and political laws,having a tolerance for others around you and even though you don't have to staying informed is a good idea so you know what is going on around you.Somethings you don't have to do but you every once in a while should do like use your freedom of speech and the right to petition because in our country we have the right and the authority to both of those things.

People don't understand how much one vote of there's is worth.

What do you think the best kind of government?

I think representative democracy is the most effective type of government. In a representative democracy like here in America people in each state elect a person to say their needs to the government at least that's the representative part of it. The democracy part is people vote on their leader every four years and they vote on major decisions. Let's use communism, first people can just drag their feet because no matter how hard you work or what your job is you get the same pay. Representative democracy not everyone gets the same pay so if you're a doctor and you work harder and had to go through more college than a gas station worker.Also in a representative democracy there is more things kept in check and more laws to follow you may say most economic systems are kept in check which they are but there are more laws in this one.A representative democracy has a lot of good things helping it be in check like separation of power which makes sure no branch of the government gets too much power. Rights of the minority which gives smaller groups special rights,this rule is something that many Americans feared would disappear when president Trump was elected. The constitution is a list of rules that everyone has to follow and that not all law systems have but ours dose. Consent of governed is the the people agreeing that they will follow the government's laws and rules.That is why I think representative democracy is best government system.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

Forces that work against supranational cooperation among nations areWestern Europe is one example of a force that works against supranational cooperation mainly because of how their money is spent.A lot of Western Europe’s money from taxes is given to Eastern Europe to build projects for the less fortunate even though the money is going in to something good the Western Europe’s don't think so.What EU members don't like about the EU politically is that they have to give up some of their power to the EU and people think that their national identity will be lost in the push to unite Europe.EU members don't like giving up some of their power to the EU because if they don't like an idea that parliament makes they can't just say no.Also people don't really like the idea of Europe citizenship because they don't want to lose their roots and no borders and barriers in the schengen because people are worried that a dangerous person could come in the country.Europe will probably never have one language and this is one of their biggest hold backs and people not wanting to let go of their cultural.Even though there's not really anything keeping someone in France from not going to Germany language is huge and a major hold back and people are very proud of their culture and don't want to give all of their special things just so Europe can have trade deals.In conclusion there are many forces against the supranational cooperation of the EU.

How can dividing a diverse country into regions make it easier to understand?

Dividing a diverse country into three regions can help us focus on on part of the country at a time and it can also help us see more boundaries between religions and different cultures.Doing a research project on Nigeria is hard especially just doing the whole country but it's broken up into three parts making it much better.Focusing on one part of the country to then research only western Nigeria would be much easier.Researching one religion in Nigeria is hard but dividing it up into three parts to focus on the religion in that area.If you want to focus on one of the main religions in Nigeria like Islam or Christianity it would help if you focused on one part of the the country.Dividing the country up into three regions is very helpful especially for research to focus on one part of the country.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

If a country has a valuable resource that is needed all over the world like oil lots of places would buy oil from them making them lots of money because oil isn't everywhere and only really southwest Asia and nonrenewable.many south west Asian countries have oil reserves for crude oil which is worth a lot of money especially because oil is a no renewable resource.The infant mortality rate would exceed much lower and the life expectancy would be longer.Having a large amount of money would help the government build things like hospitals and schools to lower the infant mortality rate and rise the life expectancy.In total having a valuable resource would only help a region to make it nicer.

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