China and the world By Arkie, Lucy, Sophie and Luna

The mountainous regions on the west side of China, which is one of the geographic borders. Emphasises the might and strength of China’s borders. The mist represents fear of the unknown.
The Yellow River where the people got their loess from, and where civilisation first began in China. This image portrays the greatness of the Yellow River and it’s importance to China.
Lijiang, a City in China. This is evidence of influence of the original Chinese towns which settled near river valleys, and how they are still incorporated in China’s daily lifestyle.
Artist’s depiction of peasants working during Imperial China. Shows their hard work and dedication in the fields through the work they did by hand.
A picture of the drummer’s performance at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Shows China’s power and might that comes by working together as well as possibly the power of conformity.
Painting of a scholar/official. This shows the respect that was given to people who were lucky enough to receive an academic education through the people following the scholar and carrying some of his supplies.
This image is of the empire wearing a robe with dragon and sitting on a gold.
This image is of Machu army with horses. The warriors are holding a sword. They are wearing traditional clothes.
This drawing is of a dragon.
This image portrays the Buddha religion and it’s values such as peace and prosperity, and how this is incorporated in the daily lives of the Chinese.
This painting shows a normal, civilised, ancient Chinese culture. It includes two men bowing respectively and the group of people happy because they are well educated in music and dance.
This image shows how ancient Chinese scholars were practising their paintings. They were sensible and reserved. It shows how their culture was based on values and hard work.

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