HeARxTs Alive! StressAway Arts~By Glori Kohlmann


Cover Computer Art Painting by Glori Kohlmann

People need hope and comfort, whether it is in the healthcare settings or in the broader community. That is my mission - to bring empowerment and encourage others to live victoriously through rendering and enjoying art. In the next 5 Program Descriptions, I am taking you on a short journey to acquaint you with them in the community here in Central Florida.

One of the greatest stressors when un-well, is the inability to control when able to feel better enough to do normal life. Art activity takes the mind off the uncontrollable features of the everyday, and helps them focus on the moment- inspiring and comforting with art mediums and colors. It has been researched that doing art helps the healing process and reduce pain.

Individual "NOW" Art Attention

Water Painting Board "for their now moment"

Sometimes patients may want to use the smaller art board with simply a paintbrush with water. They can express their feelings and it disappears when dry in a few minutes! They can talk about it if they want to. Or, I can refer them for professional help if that is what is needed.

About Hospital Lobby Art

Samples of Live-Art done in Hospital Lobby for Free Prints

Samples of Live Art done in Hospital Lobby and at Cancer Centers.and ER Wait Rooms. These are rendered on a portable easel while engaging in conversation with patients, families and staff. Prints are made of all work, given away for free.

Story Art for Narration and Inspirational Workshops

Live -Art for Story Narration : The Silver Box

In this sample the top picture (20x24” on an easel) was drawn while story is narrated. “The Silver Box” is read in about 10 minutes for a therapy group – with the professional therapist present. This is ONE picture! The picture on the right is “illuminated” with a UV light and has been done ahead of time. There is a mysterious moral to the story that leads to discussion led by the therapist afterwards. This results are always a lively and heartfelt. Afterwards, we do a craft activity where participants create their own silver box according to the theme purpose during discussion.

Chalk-Art for Events and Fundraisers

See the Light Surprise

Please view a brief 1 minute sample of a 20 minute presentation with a surprise ending!

There are many family friendly themes to choose from ! There are more samples at my website www.gloryinspirations.com . They just show part of the creative process that goes from visible live art to the illumination of the invisible art done ahead of time. There are multitudes of subjects done live usually with music, and are done in healthcare facilities, schools, and all sorts of community settings. The organization determines the theme and subjects.

Days of Creation Programs

Days of Creation Kidz Camps

In the Days of Creation Kreative Kidz Camp, students follow easy step-by step instructions from the teacher. No artistic ability is required and lessons can be take in any order. It is a 7-8 lesson (1 or 2 hrs a week) course of hands-on art instruction that was designed by professional artist and Director of MGI, Inc. Gloria Kohlmann for K-100! Students do not have to have had the previous lesson to do a present one. Each participant will have one completed picture at the end of each session.

Each of these lessons can be expanded into more lessons if needed. Lessons can be adjusted for handicapped and special needs as well. Students will work in various mediums for easy clean-up and cost effectiveness. This program is well-suited for camps, special programs or each lesson as a month long series. With schools not having enough funding for art this offers a full array of possibilities K-100!

Contact Glori Kohlmann , President. Morning Glory Inspirations, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit Visual Arts Outreach, at mgi.inc@integrity.com ~ 407-927-3527

Additional Fine Art viewing https://gwkohlmann.faso.com

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