Stages of Change And how to apply them in PHMP coaching

Change occurs when you alter or make a behavior different.

Change occurs when you replace one behavior with another.

Often, change occurs as you adapt to new situations.

What motivates us to change? Motivation is influenced by two factors: Internal (emotions, personal needs or wishes, values or beliefs) and External (environment, other people's health problems, family and societal pressure, job stress).

Change can be difficult if members are experiencing anxiety, if a behavior is a habit or stopping the behavior would leave them with a sense of loss.

Understanding the types of change helps us recognize the approaches we can use in different coaching situations.

Pleasurable Change: can improve quality of life, used when changing many things at once. Changing something pleasurable and being successful helps with other change.

Breakthrough Change: unexpected change, often happens as a result of crisis, trauma or unforeseen life event. For some people, this is a great opportunity for rapid changes.

Step-by-Step Change: Most common type of change! Takes a long time for most changes; this involves taking small steps over time.


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