Powerless By matthew cody

This is the front cover

Powerless by Matthew Cody is about a boy Daniel that moves to a town called Nobles Green. Daniel moved there to take care of his grandma who is very old and sick. While he is at Nobles Green he notices some weird things one is that when his little brother Georgie walked out in the street and was about to be hit by a car when a girl across the street catches him and saves him before Daniel could even blink also he meets a bully named Clay who was very strong. After these weird occurrences he learns that his friends have superpowers such as controlling electricity, fast flying and disappearing. As there friendship bond one of the supers Mollie tells him that when they turn thirteen they lose there powers. Daniel is intrigued and wants to help them keep there powers. Will Daniel help them in time or will they all lose there powers before he helps them?


The theme of this book is that you don't need super powers to be super. I know this because through out the book Daniel proved that even though he didn't have superpowers he was as good as all of the supers.

Book Reccomendation

One book recommendation is Super by Matthew Cody this book is the sequel to Powerless this book is about Daniel and his friends Matthew is now having fun with his friends in Nobles Green it's been a year since there friends have had any problems. One day while Eric and Daniel are fighting with Bud and Clay, Eric suddenly loses his powers and Daniel gains them. The question is Daniel the shroud or is he starting to get powers?

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