Tina Turner By: Miranda Gibson & Taylor Long

Tina Turner , the queen of the rock, is a trail blazing, Grammy winning, rock n' roll singing legend. Although today she may seem almost perfect... Walk a mile in her shoes and you may not think so.

On November 26, 1939 in Nutbush Tennessee Floyd and Zelma Bullock gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Anna Mae Bullock later to be known as Tina Turner. Sadly she was born in the middle of World War II, and she and her sister, Aileen, were separated from their parents. There grandparents took them in for this short period of time. After the war, her parents joined them, but not long after so her mother ran away because of the abuse she was receiving from Floyd. When she turned 13 her father remarried and left her and her sister making them move in with their grandmother, Gorgeanna.

When she was 16 her grandmother died and she had to move in with her mother. She began working and would frequently visit night clubs in St.Louis. Durning one of these vistits she met her future husband, Izear Luster (Ike). He recognized her talent and had her sing backup in his record. The record label loved her. So Izear and her started singing duets together. Her and Izear soon married, but Izear was a cocaine-addict.

Here is Tina and Ike together.

Tina and Ike had one kid together, Ronald (Ronnie) Turner. They seemed like the perfect family but behind closed doors Ike would emotionally and physically abuse Tina. It got so bad that she can recall a story where she and Ike got into an argument and she walk out on him, went to a hotel and begged them for a free room because she had only 36 cents in her procession. Let alone her face was beat up because Ike had punched her. Finally she was able to get a divorce after 16 long years of marriage.

It took her a while to get back on her feet and regain her name in the music industry, but after turning to Buddhism she was able to focus on her career. She soon got back on top and came out with many major albums. She won eight Grammies and even was a rock n' roll hall of fame inductee. "Physical strength in a women-that's what I am" Tina Turner once said and she has surely proved it.

Here is a informational timeline of Tina Turner's life.

  • November 26, 1939 Tina Turner was born in Nutbush Tennessee.
  • 1950 Tina's mom runs away
  • 1950 Tina's parents divorce
  • 1955 Tina's grandmother dies
  • 1958 Tina graduates
  • 1958 Tina records her first studio recording
  • 1958 Tina has her first kid, Raymond Craig
  • 1960 Tina has her first hit "A Fool in Love"
  • 1960 Tina has her second kid, Ronald Turner
  • 1962 Married Ike
  • 1964 signed with Kent Records
  • 1968 She tried to commit suicide
  • 1974 Tina release first solo album
  • 1975 play the part of Acidqueen in the movie Tommy
  • 1977 first solo tour
  • 1978 divorces Ike
  • 1991 Ike and Tina were inducted into the Rock in Roll hall of fame
  • 2005 she vistits the Kennedy Center honors in Washington, D.C.
  • 2007 Tina gives her fist live concert in 7 years.
  • 2013 Tina becomes a Swiss citizen
  • 2013 Tina marries Erwin Bach.

Obstacles in Tina Turner's life are;

  1. Her mother ran away.
  2. Her parents got a divorce.
  3. Her grandmother died.
  4. When she got pregnant at 18, her mother threw her out of the house.
  5. Tina is abused by Ike and divorces him
  6. After breaking it off with Ike she had trouble get back on her feet again.

Significant contributions from Tina Turner are she gave inspiration to many new singers. She proved that women are stronger than they look. She made it possible for women to understand that they are able to stand up to the opposing sex.

Personal Qualities:

  1. Brave
  2. Strong
  3. Smart
  4. Inspirational
  5. Perseverance
  6. Bright
  7. Logical
  8. Creative
  9. Organized

Tina Turner is over all a very insperational women. Who deserves much more fame than she all ready has. She has written above and beyond songs that speak to people, along with her outstanding books. She is a great person who deserves the life she has now, as a retired wife who gets to rest on the beautiful country of Switzerland.


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