bäpurru Honouring Ms. P. B. Burarrwaŋa & Ms. A.M.M Burarrwaŋa

The bäpurru for Ms. P. B. Burarrwaŋa & Ms. A.M.M Burarrwaŋa took place over a period of one month from July through August 2019 in North East Arnhem land and involved elaborate planning and preparation. Over 500 people visited the Mata Mata community to take part in the sacred rituals. Many flew in by plane, many others drove hundreds of kilometres along dusty roads to take part.

These photographs do not do justice to the complexity and sophistication of the day to day events. Often the manikay would go from early in the morning until late at night. It takes a life time to master the song, art work, weaving, dance, rhythms and meanings.

The significance of these two woman leaders can be felt by the intensity and emotion put into each days djama (ceremonial work). Each of them fiercely believed in caring for the ancestral estates and law of the Yolŋu people.

The events began and ended with the sacred dogs.

All of the images below are the copyright and intellectual property of the Burarrwaŋa and extended Yolŋu families and should not be reproduced or used without the express permission of Gaypalani Gurruwiwi and other elders of the Burarrwaŋa family .


Gayapalani Gurruwiwi and the Burarrwanga family https://spark.adobe.com/page/nR9QlVzFDJbNy/https://spark.adobe.com/page/nR9QlVzFDJbNy/