Chickens Grady,addison,caysen and Jaxon

Chickens have a comb on their head and two wattles.
The life cycle of a chicken is the hen lays an egg the The chick hatches from the egg and grows in to a hen.
If you look at a hens ear the hen can maybe lay that color egg.You can find a hen ears a couple of inches away of the eyes.
An adult male chicken is called a rooster. An adult female chicken is called a hen.
Chicks and chickens come in all shapes and sizes.
A chick can be Colors like yellow,black,
If I had a chicken I would keep it in a cope so I can protect it from predators.I would feed my chickens strawberry tops and watermelon rhines.
A chick needs water air and food to live if you will not give her water air or food it will die.


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