The Necessity of Unmanned Warfare The life-savIng qualities of drones

Drones are operated entirely from a remote position without the need for troops to be in harm's way. They are similar in size to a typical fighter jet and can be used in a defensive manner, unlike an ordinary fighter jet.

The drones can be equipped with multiple explosive ordinances offering greater options when it comes to the drones usage.

These explosives can be fired over long distances and are extremely precise. The explosion itself is typically similar to that of a hand-grenade limiting the danger to other people in the vicinity.

Some drones are smaller in size which allows for them to perform the mission with less risk of being noticed. Whether the mission be something as simple as gathering intelligence to performing an air strike being difficult to detect is never a con.

Drone strikes present an opportunity for U.S. troops to gain an advantage, in turn saving their lives, with minimal risk to civilians in the area.


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