Diana Vilic Copywriter

Hey Stranger,

Let's get acquainted.

My name's Diana Vilic.

DEE-AH-nuh VEE-lich

The boring stuff: I'm a copywriter & marketing consultant based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (I'm not saying I drink a lot of beer & paczkis. But if we got challenged to a to the death battle against paczki-eating-beer-drinking-ninjas, I'm the person you want on your team.) My background is complete re-brands of small businesses & startups. I absolutely adore the financial side of businesses, just as much as I do the creative aspect.

The interesting stuff: My biggest passion project is creating material about emotional wellness & shadow work. I'm currently creating a oracle card deck based around shadow work & inner reflection. In the past I've worked with non-profits based around low-income dental care for at risk communities. During college I was a portrait photographer who focused on assisting low income individuals & victims of domestic violence. I speak 1.5 languages, meaning I'm fluent in English but know all the Bosnian swear words. Most importantly, I can unjam copiers without beating it to death with it's drum cartridge.

My personal manifesto is giving as much love to the world as I possibly can.

I'm passionate about creating advertising that represents the culture we live in rather than just brand ideals. I truly believe advertising should properly represent diversity. Including equal representation of minorities, genders, sexual preferences and abilities.

Now that we've properly been introduced,

Here's some of the stuff I've done.

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