When I am having a stressful day filled with studying, I love to give myself a break and go for a run with my roommate. After sitting in one place for hours staring at textbooks, I go stir crazy and need an outlet. I use running as a means to escape reality for a short period of time. Exercising also releases endorphins, which are neurochemicals in your brain's hypothalamus. They are also considered natural pain killers.

I enjoy running with my roommate so that I have someone to talk to. The first half of the run we usually catch up on our days, but the second half, as we start to run out of breath, we listen to music. I enjoy the second half of my runs because it gives me my only true alone time during the day to reflect. The music also motivates me to keep running. I am also used to playing sports in high school so I enjoy staying active and in shape. I try to run at least three times a week.

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