Fit For Welfare FFW Cassie, Kylie, Kenadee, Phoebe,Hayleigh

What is (FFW) Fit For Welfare? Our Interest group is about how we should pass a federal law on drug testing people who are on welfare every month & be drug tested when signing up.
Plans for Fit For Welfare: First step to success is to get our name & word out, show our opinion, show them we have potential. FFW wants people, men & women that are working pay check to pay check, pay taxes to people who are on welfare & is positive for any drug that is not prescribed to you to be abolished from the welfare system.
The future of (FFW) is to push forward drug testing people who are on welfare & are signing up. This will decrease the number of people who are on drugs that are taking money from hard working tax payers.Not only do they have to take one drug test to just sign up we want them tested monthly to promote there is no drug usage within this program. We care where the money goes.
The members of (FFW): Trey Radel, Jerry Sonnenberg, Richard Hudson,
FFW is hoping to get together with NCSL ( National Confederation of State Legislatures) soon & brain storm some ideas & hopefully team up with our ideas & make the word bigger. We want good for this nation.
Time line Drug testing will be legal before 2018 Drug testing will occur multiple times throughout the years when on welfare. People who have a job and make over $14 a hour aren’t allowed to take on welfare. Website used for advertisement for this campaign
As of March of 2016, at least 17 states including Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Virginia had proposed legislation requiring some form of drug testing.
Thank you for your time & looking at our website, we hope you learned something or found more information on this subject donate now here

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