Intro To Robotics By:Travis

Simple Machines Think, Do, Test. Packet

1/10/17 Yesterday we tested our pendulum to see if it could knock over the blocks, which it didn't. Our modifications we will make will be putting the pegs holding the pendulum up, lower making more swinging room.

After we made the plan to lower the pendulum pegs. We took out the pegs and made the pendulum much longer. We also gave the pendulum more room to swing a round. Which gave the pendulum more power.

After are modifications. We tested the pendulum and it knocked over the blocks, but it would fall over if we didn't hold the base. So to modify it, we will have to add more weight to the base of the pendulum.

1/11/17 Think, Do, Test Packet

Yesterday we modified are pendulum by lowering the pegs holding it up. Today we will add more weight to the end of the pendulum, to add more swinging power.

Today we added more weight to the base of the pendulum. We also added a second wheel to the pendulum, so it would add more swinging power.

After all the modifications were complete. We pulled our pendulum back and let it go and it knocked the blocks over! And me and my partner felt great senses of accomplishment. And our success rate was 100%.

1/12/17 Think, Do, Test, Packet

Are new challenge we are attempting to do. Is make a pulley ststem that can lift 3 small blocks 3 inches off the ground. And the first step we have to do is build it.

1/17/17 Think,Do,Test Packet

On Monday I was absent and based on what my partner told me, we need to make a crank on the pulley to complete the challenge.

1/18/17 Think, Do, Test, Packet

Are "Think" for today's pulley challenge was to make a hand crank on the pulley. As well as shorten the rope on the pulley to make more tension, so that the crank will be successful.

Are "Do" for today's pulley challenge was when we added a hand crank, and we added a crate for the wooden blocks to be held in. We also turned out not shortening the rope, but instead we made the pulley taller.

Then after are "Do" we tested are pulley and it was successful! We both felt great after all the hard work testing and modifying the pulley.

1/19/17 Think, Do, Test, Packet

Today are new challenge is to create a lever system/ Catapult that can throw an object 1ft 2 out of 3 times. So on to building!

After we built are lever we modified it by adding pegs to hold the block. After we added two pegs to hold the block. We started testing.

And we succeeded! We successfully launched a block 1 ft without having are lever fall over!

Now that we are finished with the Think, Do, Test, Packet. We can move on to the "Standard Drive Base Robot." And after we build it today. We will have a "Sumo Wars" game in which the object of the game is to push the opposite team's robot out of the circle.


Now that we are on to the Standard Drive Base. We need to finish building it so we can begin the challenges that are yet to happen.

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