The Good Life: "The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt" By: Kasey Focazio

The Spacial Experience (Taken from Foresight Construction Group via Google)

For me, I like theaters and I have seen many shows in theaters. I like the atmosphere of theaters and I find them to be happy places even if the shows are not always happy, like the play we watched. I was sitting in the upper left corner but I still had a pretty good view of the stage. I liked the special effects. At one point, it looked like snow was falling but in reality it was a screen. I believed they were really dropping white flakes. The set was very cool and I felt like I was in the appropriate time period of the play. Place and setting is vital in experiencing the good life. Place is all of what you make it, if you have a positive outlook on where you are, I feel like you will have an enjoyable time. Which is why trying to look on the bright side of everything you do contributes to a good life. Picking at all the problems will only make you more unsatisfied. Finding something good in every place you go will ensure a good life.

The Social Experience

For the play, I went with a couple of close friends. Before we left, we ate dinner at the dining hall and than after the play we all hung out. Attending the play with friends made the experience more enjoyable for me. I love being around people and every time I am with friends I always have a fun time. So having them at the play made it more fun. Keeping good company is essential to the good life. Being with other people not only enlightens you to new experiences and ideas but, being with others is just a warm feeling. Whether we are just sitting and talking, eating, or going out, I love being around friends and I see them everyday. My friends contribute to my good life by making it fuller with good memories and laughs.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Going to the performance, I did not know anything about the play or its setting. From the first act, I gathered that the main character, Talbot, was angry about something because of the fight he was in. There was also problems with his family; they were very poor and had put a lot of faith in him to become a priest. The performance made me realize that a lot people suffer silently and that you can never truly know a person until you learn about them. I judged Talbot for being violent for no reason, little did I know that he was very angry for a reason. Although the issues specifically portrayed in the play do not relate to issues in my own life, I do understand that everyone has something going on under the surface that is affecting their life. Sometimes these issues, if not properly dealt with, can hinder ones quest of the good life.

The Emotional Experience

Katharsis, meaning "coming clean", is important to the good life. Keeping everything bottled up is more destructive, like Talbot did. To finally get everything out on the table is an important coping strategy. Everyone deals with stress, as seen in the play but, how we handle that stress can either be constructive or destructive. Katharsis is a constructive way to handle stress and move on from it. It is important that we realize that and I think the play did a good job of portraying what could happen if one does not open up an come clean. You could live with anger and resentment forever and no one would ever know why. This goes back to having friends and having social support to help you heal from the stress you may feel and live a good life.

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