WW1 Weapon Survival Guide by autumn Marinelli -background:(WW1 Trench's)


The most important thing you need is a entrenching tool. Since the Germans have higher ground, then we have to go underground("Shuster"). We need this to create our trench's, which protect us from Germans stronger equipment.


Gas masks are very much needed. These masks are used to protect us from poisonous gases of course. So we won't die out in our trench's by poison gas("Gas").


This kit is used to, obviously, patch us up after we have been wounded. There are little kits that we use out in battle, others that are larger are used for more serious injuries("Jones"). Everyone has to have the little one with them at all times.


This is a knife called a "Bayonet" which is a very helpful weapon. This knife gets attached to a rifle in case we don't want to waste any ammo("Duffy"). It isn't used as often because we usually stay digging in the trench's.


We use these helmets to of course protect our heads.These helmet's were created because of so many head injuries from explosions ("Top"). The helmets are to stop any random gun shots and debris hitting your head.


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