Podcast: The Talk of Life "People say life is meaningless, I say life has more to give us than we have ever exPected before."

All about me

My name is Ryan. Very smart, loyal, and educated student, and somewhat popular in my school, especially for my own factor called "Silliness."

I have a very very large variety of friends I talk to a lot, also not only just my friends, but my family members as well, including my cousins I talk to probably the most. Me though as myself while knowing I have friends doesn't help me to much or used too because I'm rarely bullied by other classmates, but I handle it.

I'm very smart, also talented in my time as well, but I'm yet a gamer also. I play on a laptop so I'm pretty much mostly educated not from school only, but my own laptop even helps me. It kind of also reminds me of the time I researched about races, and when my mom took my DNA scan, it was unbelieable. Anyways, that's mostly about me, but I remember something everyone else should know, isthat life isn't just a story, it tells you mistakes you can correct in the future, or maybe problems from the past you can atone for, because life is always precious.

Steve jobs, a Huge Titan of industry, or Bill Gates, a Schemer of industry?

This podcast shows and compares bill gates if he is credible for being a Robber Barron, or a huge captain of industry?

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Created with images by segagman - "Steve Jobs 1955-2011"

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