Joyce's Quilts A Tribute to Joyce Beck and her amazing talent

Have you ever know someone who could do just about anything they set their mind to, and do it well? Joyce Beck is one of those people. She is a multi-talented artist who thrives on designing and creating beautiful pieces of art. Whether it's painting, sewing, crafting, or quilting, her projects for family and friends are lovingly handmade and exhibit wonderful craftsmanship, color, and design. One of Joyce's greatest passions has been quilting. With over 230 (and counting) quilts made since the early 1990s, she shows no signs of stopping. I hope you enjoy this gallery showcasing a few of her stitched-with-love masterpieces.

Joyce doing what she loves!
Top - Joyce's First Quilt - 3" square patchwork; Middle - Flying Geese, Stitches From the Heart; Bottom - Le Jardin, and Quilt by her mother (Opal Renfro)

Watch the video below to see more of the beautiful quilts Joyce has made!

Click on the button below to see a complete list of the over 200 quilts Joyce has created:

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