Searching for Steel in the Rain Winter STeelhead fishing

We sat on the riverbank, in the rain. In the dark. Barely speaking, and even then, only in whispers.

We'd just hiked two miles through ferns and mud, tripping over barely illuminated logs downed by recent storms.

And we waited. Waited for the light to bring us glimpses of steel. Glistening steel.

By sunrise, we were already soaked. We stayed that way the rest of the day.

But it didn't matter. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We had come for steelhead. Winter steelhead.

On this day we would be rewarded for our efforts.

Under floats we suspended brightly colored jigs and floated them down a seam of cloudy water and clear.

And we found steel. Majestic, glistening steelhead.

(Photos © Richard Parrick)


Copy, photos and video © Russell Sparkman (except where noted)


Russell Sparkman

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