Managing in the Health and Fitness Industry seminar seven

In this weeks lecture we discussed the health and fitness experience from the perspective of the customer including the personal motivations and expectations of the fitness member. Every individual will have a different perception of the health and fitness industry and will have different wants and needs when it comes to choosing a facility to join. Organisations need to take this into consideration and be able to offer a variety of services to suit individual needs.

Individuals motivation levels will play a big part in how much physical activity is undertaken. Due to decreased activity levels the UK now has the highest levels of obesity in the UK. The government are using a variety of strategies and campaigns to help combat this growing problem. As a result, if motivation levels can increase, individuals are more likely to lose weight and get fitter and in turn increase self esteem levels.

Throughout this module we have looked at different government campaigns and strategies aimed at increasing the health and physical activity levels of the nation such as Change4life and This Girl Can. Health and fitness facilities are in direct competition with each other to not only retain members but to also increase their membership database.

For this weeks seminar task you are to devise your own strategy that a health and fitness organisation could implement to attract new members. Your strategy needs to incorporate and promote the following areas from this weeks lecture:

  • How can the strategy promote weight loss?
  • How can the strategy promote overall fitness levels in individuals?
  • Your strategy also needs to promote how exercise can improve self esteem and motivation levels.

You will need to devise a name for your strategy which primarily will be delivered in local authority facilities. You can focus on a particular target audience such as women, children or older adults.

Please submit your work on the turnitin link in week 7 of the module Learnzone page.


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