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On October 17th, a joint US Drug Enforcement Administration, American special forces and Afghan counternarcotics operation resulted in a seizure of 20 tons of drugs.

In Afghanistan On October 17th, the US D.E.A and Afghan counternarcotics operation resulted in a seizure of 20 tons of drugs worth about $60 million.

The haul included 129 kilograms of crystal heroin, 6.4 tons of heroin base, 134 kilograms of opium, 12.5 tons of morphine base and 12 kilograms of hashish.

In Syria February 21st, the frantic work of white-helmeted Syrian Civil Defense teams show the extrication of a crying Syrian girl about 5 years old.


Fatemeh had been scheduled to arrive for treatment and heart surgery on Feb. 5 because there was no hospital in Iran that provided the complex operation that would save her life.

Fatemeh Reshad, a 4-month-old infant from Iran, arrived in the U.S. to undergo tests and treatment earlier this month to fix a genetic heart defect, according to officials at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The infant was born with a condition where two main arteries are reversed.

An Iranian infant who was delayed in entering the U.S. due to the recent travel ban has successfully undergone heart surgery to fix a genetic defect, hospital officials said.

The total number of refugees from Nineveh increased to 286.000 since the first round of operations began in October. The number of refugees escaping battles between government troops and Islamic State militants in western Mosul, Iraq has soared to more than 57,000.


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