HOBAS Pump Shaft for Bulgarian Landfill Scroll down to learn more about the installation of a HOBAS GRP PUmp SHaft DN 2200 for a new landfill in veliko tarnovo, BG

In the course of the construction of a new regional landfill in the Bulgarian province Veliko Tarnovo, a 12 m long HOBAS Pump Shaft DN 2200 has been successfully installed. Its excellent hydraulic and static properties as well the quick and easy installation perfectly suited the challenging site conditions and tight time schedule.

Modern, effective landfills play an important role in ensuring and maintaining the health of humans and the environment. In 2013, it became apparent that the existing landfill for non-hazardous waste of the North-Bulgarian province Veliko Tarnovo did not fulfill the requirements of the European Union and the standards for environmentally safe waste disposal. It was therefore decided to close the site and build a new one. The new landfill was going to serve 180,000 people and was funded by the operational program Environment 2007-2013, the state of BuIgaria as well as the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo. The facility has a capacity of twice the total volume of solid waste that the the six municipalities dispose in a year and features facilities for non-hazardous waste, composting and waste separation.

The HOBAS GRP Pump Shaft DN 2200 was supplied as an easy-to-install, modular solution.

The original plan to provide the new landfill with a concrete pump shaft for drainage water were rejected very quickly: Among others, the project schedule was too tight and the manpower available for construction works limited. However, it didn’t take the construction company Polytrade Construction Ltd. very long to come up with an alternative solution – which was HOBAS. HOBAS Experts from Bulgaria, Romania and Austria conducted all technical calculations and custom-tailored the shaft according to the project specifications. The resulting HOBAS GRP Pump Shaft has a diameter of DN 2200 and features optimal hydraulic properties as well as perfect leak-tightness. With a stiffness class of SN 10000, it has the required properties for the maximum installation depth of 12 m. All necessary connections for valves, stainless steel accessories and fasteners were also precisely calculated and provided.

With a stiffness class of SN 10000, the pump shaft can be unproblematically installed in a depth of 12 m.

HOBAS Site Advisors and Engineers provided their full support during the entire installation process. Thanks to the light weight and the easy handling of the modular GRP System, the installation was successfully completed after eight hours only. The client Polytrade Construction Ltd. is very satisfied with their HOBAS Solution, and the team from HOBAS Bulgaria is grateful for the excellent cooperation as well as the client's confidence in the HOBAS Product Range.

Thanks to the light weight and the easy handling of the modular GRP System, the installation was successfully completed after eight hours only to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Project Details

  • Year of construction: 2015
  • Construction time: 8 hours
  • Total length of shaft: 12 m
  • Diameter: DN 2200
  • Pressure class: PN 1
  • Stiffness class: SN 10000
  • Type of installation: Open trench
  • Application: Pump shaft for drainage
  • Client & Contractor: Polytrade Construction Ltd.
  • Advantages: Low weight, easy transportation, quick and easy installation, excellent hydraulic properties, modular system, optimum hydraulic properties, corrosion resistance, long service life, post-sales service
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