Motivating Staff Using gestures

Motivating staff can be a difficult varied task for any business. What if along with building a great team environment you could help motivate your staff with just simple frequent gestures?

Simple Gestures

What if producing more productivity cost little but produced more? It really can be simple by rewarding your employees for their positive aspects and work. Using frequent, earned gestures like a coffee, a lunch shout, a box of chocolates or a small gift card. The possibilities are endless. But why? Huffington Post and Business News Daily state in their top ways for motivating staff was to reward them with small incentives. Keeping this frequent and even across the board will reinforce the positive things your employees are doing and keep cost down for the business.


A good manager drives a strong positive environment for staff to work in. Using gestures can help drive that positive workplace to consistent levels of high performance. And its simple to do, just a "here I'd like to give you this ticket to the movies, thanks for the hard work today working through that massive queue of customers"

Why should it interest me?

An SMF UK study showed that productivity increased by 10-12% when staff where happy and motivated by using small gestures such as providing snacks or drinks. A 3% increase is considered to be very large. Happier staff equals more productivity and a better smoother running business along with many other benefits.

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