Monster Milani and bailey s.t.e.a.M

Project Outline

Project Outline: The aim of the assessment is to create a monster that has three working functions in a team it also has to be a particular genre of film like horror,thriller etc. Also we will have to reflect and question our research to see what we did wrong and what could be improved.
Definition Of A Monster

Definition Of A Monster

My definition of a monster is something that scares you or someone else, when you think of a monster most you may think of the Boogeyman and every other horror movie antagonist. I don't really find anything scary that I can fit into my Monster as it's a feature of nature instead of an object. So I asked other people what they thought about (My group partner), and decided to go with it since we are both designing the monster and soon will be building it. (Makes it easier, since we don't have to argue over what to build)

Visualising A Monster

This is my visualisation of what a monster is to me:
Ideation Log

Sketches and Mind Map

This Mind Map shows what we're planning to use and do for our monster, we didn't go into much detail due to the fact that we didn't know what kind to doll we were going to buy. We also didn't know what kind of animatronics we were going to use, because it would change the way the arm and torso.(You Might Havd It Or It's Lost)


I can't draw but this helped get a better idea of what I was aiming towards for my final design.
My Monster


What it looks likes:

My monster is a baby doll that is covered in 'blood', with bright, red, glowing eyes and a head that spins 360 degrees. It is dirty and damaged, it will have multiple cuts and other features to make it more frightening.

Personality and Film Genre:

I believe that the personality of the monster will be a stuck up, stubborn doll that caress for no one. The film genre that my monster fits into would be a Child's Play genre, because the main antagonist in Child's Play is Chucky a living doll which is possessed by a notorious killers soul, and my design of the monster is a doll.


The appearance of my groups monster is shaped as a doll, it is covered in 'blood', and is dirty and damaged. The material of the baby will be soft and hard in some places based wherever the dirt, or blood may be . The materials that are going to be used are wires, red LEDs, and some other animatronics.

Movement and Functions:

My Monster can spin its head 360 degreees anticlockwise, it can also make its eyes become red. Another feature my monster has is that it shoots its arm off. The appearance might change due to the fact that it doesn't really suit the ideal monster we are aiming for, so the arm might change in the final design.


The reasons behind why I chose to make my Monster a doll was because of my definition of a mosnster, and I just added more features to the doll that what I think are considerably scary, for example blood over the baby, cuts on the baby's chest, stomach, with also tattered and dirty clothes. It has glowing red eyes because red represents blood and fire it is also associated with love, passion, desire, heat, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination. My Monster has a spinning head that turns 360 degrees, because who would not be scared of a baby that spins its head, slowly or fast. My last function is a shooting arm it sounded good at the time but I 80% know that this is going to change, so I might be using blood squirting out of neck or cuts on baby, or I might get it to say something, or walk forward with the eerie music playing from it.



Questioning: My problem is to create a monster using animatronics that has 3 moving functions, and fits to certain genre of film.
Case Studies

Case Studies

What do you imagine when you think of a monster? Well... I believe that when you imagine a monster, you imagine a scary doll, like Chucky or Annabelle. I have perfectly designed an ideal monster for your movie, it fits the horror comedic genre that you have requested. I believe that this presentation will be persuade you that o go with my design. The animatronic that will be used in the design will be an head that spins 360 degrees anticlockwise, with its glowing red LED eyes that strike fear into people's hearts. It has an arm that shoots off to capture its victims. Wires, LED's, and other animatronics will be used(but I do not know about the last animatronic). All the animatronics used will be fitted in perfectly into the design and if not the design will be changed. The appearance is frightening as it has red, gleaming eyes that represent anger. It has tattered clothes with many cuts on the baby, it also has blood stained on the clothes, its hair has been plucked out, and it blood is spread across its chest and head. It's dark, iron arm shining in the dark night, with this his arm that shoots off to trap its victims. This design is perfect for the genre of your movie since it's a horror, doll and comedic genre, the shooting arm might be changed to an even more scarier feature that will stand out when presented in the movie. I believe that this presentation has perfectly fitted the design you were imaging for. I also hope that this will be featured in your new movie, if it has fit everything you were looking for it would be a great achievement, this design will appeal to people's eyes. So I believe my is the perfect monster you've been looking for.

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