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1st All-Magnet District in Connecticut


United In Excellence


To educate and graduate students who specialize in one of three themed magnet pathways: International Education, STEM and Visual & Performing Arts, who are well versed in the academic knowledge and practical experiences necessary to succeed beyond high school; who are critical thinkers and innovators; who are courageous and self-reliant; and who challenge the status quo while enriching their community, country and global society.







I am more than excited to start a new year and hope you are as well. Year 2020 will bring about new opportunities, new challenges to overcome and new accomplishments we will celebrate for our school community. Together we will achieve a lot as we work to serve our number one customer…our amazing students!

In this newsletter, At A Glance, we hope to inform, engage and inspire you to continue to be a part of our district’s accomplishments by offering a quick overview of some of our initiatives, all of which are a part of our published District Improvement Plan. We continue to transform academically and physically, as we raise the bar on instruction and accountability and go through three simultaneous building construction projects.

Below I share a list of “top 12” statements we hope resonate with you, as we aim to keep all abreast of happenings within the district. In addition, please be sure to review detailed information published on behalf of each department, featured in our comprehensive newsletter. Happy New Year, 2020!

Did you know…

  1. New London Public Schools welcomes students from over 41 different Connecticut school districts each day through its Magnet Plan. Wow!
  2. BDJ and NLHS Multi-Magnet Campuses are in the process of writing a detailed turn-a-round plan to (hopefully) be officially welcomed into the Commissioner’s Network program. The opportunity is great here and we continue to be super excited about the possibilities for our students and staff through this work.
  3. We are in the final stages of designing a new Multi-Magnet Secondary School webpage and it should be released in winter 2020. The new webpage will consolidate the Visual and Performing Arts, STEM, NLHS and International Education webpages. This will centralize all information concerning our Secondary Multi-Magnet School making it easier for parents and the NLPS community to find information needed.
  4. The First View Transportation App was released on December 23, 2019. This app allows you to track the location and direction of your student’s bus, shows your student's stop schedule for the current day and timestamps for school arrivals and departures. You’ll know when the bus arrives to or departs from school. For more information go to our transportation site.
  5. All goals and actions above continue to support our vision to be United in Excellence. The district is committed to adding in more and more opportunities to bring people together to have a voice, choice in learning and growth opportunities, and to form partnerships. Did you remember that the district is home to 12 Sub-Committees, which welcome all to get involved in? Please do consider joining one. Did you remember that the Superintendent wants to hear from you regularly? Please consider joining her for a Meet, Eat and Greet, offered three times per month, and/or also share ideas with her through a private meeting and/or also through our online feedback/idea form found here. Your input matters greatly.
  6. The district is committed to partnering with families to achieve its goals. Parent University is our initiative that attempts to inform and engage parents/caregivers in supporting the efforts of our District Improvement Plan. This year we are redesigning it to have three components: 1. parent education (workshops, research and resources) on topics of parent choice; 2. parent engagement activities to enlist the active, hands-on support of parents in a variety of school and district events; and 3. planning of district-wide family events, with the purpose of bringing families, community partners, staff and students together for social events to build support networks and strong partnerships/relationships. Each school’s PTO/SCG/Parent Committee will be contacted to ask for input in the design of our Parent University 2020. We are super excited about this initiative! Please contact Dr. Jennifer Hills-Papetti, Ms. Angela Rasmussen or the Superintendent should you have any additional ideas to help form Parent University. Parent University should begin in February.
  7. Our entire Administrative Team will be participating in additional training around race, equity and diversity this month. We are excited about this continued focus on building capacity in these areas. In NLPS, we serve a diverse population of students and families. We must match our curriculum, content and pedagogy to be most engaging and aligned to real-world experiences for our students, as we prepare all for college and careers. Our work, tied to our DELT Committee initiatives and our district’s Equity Plan, will be turn-keyed to all staff through building-based professional development trainings after our January Administrative Council professional training workshop is completed.
  8. Did you know that we are home to incredible student athletes? You can access our sporting event schedules here. In addition, we wish to share an overdue congratulations to: 2019 Girls Volleyball Team who advanced to the ECC Semi Finals and earned a birth in the CIAC class L State Tournament; Jayden Burns, Chaylet Cintron and Caylee Parker were all name ECC All-Stars and Olivia Yard was an Honorable Mention in Girls Volleyball; Desiree Johnson received the Sportsmanship Award; Shannon Huang received the Scholar Athlete Award; Rashawn Wright and Alex DeGunia were named ECC Allstars and Gillian Melville received Honorable Mention in Cross Country; and Emilia Skrabacz received ECC Athlete of the Week in Girls Soccer.
  9. Have you taken time to meet fellow colleagues, parents, students and community members by watching our Tell Your Story, Tell Our Story, Make a Difference campaign videos? If you want to be inspired, watch the amazing people whom we are surrounded by throughout our school community, tell their story. I couldn’t be prouder of this initiative and couldn’t be more grateful for so many who have risen, committed to do all they can to make a difference for our students. Thank you! (P.S. All videos are featured on our website under the “Get Involved” tab. All are welcome to participate.)
  10. In January, our budget development will begin. Live budget presentations are scheduled for the evenings of February 13th, February 20th and February 27th. In addition, each presentation will be available electronically on our district website.
  11. Did you know both the City Council and our Board of Education meetings are live-streamed? You can access each BOE meeting this way…via Devos
  12. We have over 3,500 AMAZING students and over 800 full and part-time staff. Each student matters. The efforts put forth from each staff member matters. Together, we WILL make a difference!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year! As a school community, we will continue to work hard and achieve. Our students deserve nothing but the best! I thank you for your partnership!

With Whaler Pride, Cynthia Ritchie, Superintendent

NLPS Whaler
TOP ROW: Bryan Doughty (Secretary), Lee Cornish-Muller, Queenie Diaz, Jefferey Hart (Vice President) BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Maynard-Adams, Regina Mosley (President), Robert Pero


Curriculum Collaboration

Over the past months, Mr. Thompson and Dr. Hills-Papetti have put together a working draft of a district-wide SRBI handbook. They have visited each school to gather feedback. These meetings involved various members of school-based SRBI teams as well as, the Director of Climate and Culture, Maureen Bransfield. We are very excited about this collaborative effort to put a district-wide SRBI system in place for all schools. In the coming month, the revised draft will be rolled out to the Administrative Council and then to all staff members for full implementation. This handbook is a living document, and as the processes and procedures in the handbook are implemented, feedback about the process will be obtained and a final draft will be put in place by May 2020.

The months ahead will be exciting ones as the Middle School continues to work on subject-area curriculum, the elementary schools will begin work on an ELA curriculum, and Schoolwide training will continue for grades K-8. We will also be working together to take a deep-dive into various data sets such as the NGSS data that was just released this past month, NWEA MAP winter scores and the SBAC Interim Assessment Block results. These data points will help us best meet the needs of all our students in the various content areas.

Students in self-contained, in-district special education programs attend High Hopes Therapeutic riding programs for 6-week sessions. Programming is made possible by the generous financial support from the High Hopes Foundation. Students participate in therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted activities and therapies. Families are encouraged and welcome to visit High Hopes programs with their children.

Team Training

Twenty special education support staff and teachers have been attending an eight-session training focusing on five key principles for effective special education leadership for school-level and district-level staff: Special Education Laws and Procedures; Improved Student Outcomes; Improved IEP Quality; Decreased Complaints and Stronger School/Parent Partnerships. This is sponsored by the CT State Education Resource Center.

Newly Established Climate and Culture Department

The Climate and Culture Team

We strive to create the best, most productive climate and culture possible for our students and community to thrive.


To have one school-based wellness interventionist in each school building.
To deliver turnkey training in the areas of (inclusive of, but not limited to) restorative practices, mindfulness, trauma, and positive behavior supports.
To support the schools social and emotional wellness by contributing to a positive climate and culture within each building.
To build bridges that open pathways for all stakeholders to come together and form productive and purposeful relationships.


What is PBIS? Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports. PBIS sets the framework for students to be able to feel safe and valued in their school environment which is necessary to then develop the social emotional skills that go along with wholistic achievement. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding. The purpose of schoolwide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

Second Step - As a part of tier 1 PBIS initiatives, Second Step will be taught in all K-8 classrooms. Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL) that helps transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to help children thrive. Be on the lookout for “Home Links” that will go home with your students.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Climate and Culture Department section on the New London Public Schools website. There you can find the links to the district's “Bullying Report Form” as well as information on what parents should know about cyberbullying.


In response to the growing needs of the students, and the generosity of the Michael Bolton Foundation, BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus has opened their doors to the Beyond Trauma Youth Music Therapy Program. Courtney Biddle, a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) has been hired as the Music Wellness Intervention Specialist to lead this program at BDJMS.

This part-time, grant funded position will allow students to have access to a new resource which will enhance their health and wellness, increase sense of self, and help students to find new and innovative ways in which to express themselves. In this exciting program, students will have the opportunity to play, compose, record, analyze, and listen to music from many different genres. No previous musical experience is necessary to be successful in the Music Wellness program.

Maureen Bransfield, K-12 Director of Climate and Culture started this program while she was principal at a school in New Haven. Due to the success of the program there, and the generosity of the Michael Bolton Foundation, Maureen is excited to bring this initiative to the New London Public Schools.

Parents and guardians who are interested in having their student participate can call BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus at 860-437-6480. School counselors, administrators, and teachers will be able to refer students who might benefit, and students will be able to gain access to the program by self-referral as well.

Connecting with Parents/Guardians

Want to know how you can get involved as a parent or guardian?

*Join the CIA (Community in Action). Community in Action is a group of parents and community leaders who came together in the fall of 2018 to be a positive voice of support and change for New London Public Schools Magnet Pathways in the 6th-12th grades.

*Join our Climate and Culture Council which will act as a steering committee for change and implementation efforts. We will be meeting March 11th and May 6th. As we develop initiatives, we may call for additional meetings by subcommittee.

We believe as parents and members of the community we can help all children succeed. If interested, please send contact information for upcoming meetings and events to broadusn@newlondon.org.

Happy New Year! 2020

A year that “lens” itself to 20/20 vision, clarity, and insight !! We in the Climate and Culture department are using this as our theme to grow forward. Join us!

How can we approach what we do with a new lens? How can we be open to see things in a different way? How do we approach things with mindfulness in an effort to have greater clarity and deeper insight? We welcome you and want you to be seen as we co-create our vision for the upcoming year.

Starting this school year, NLPS has initiated collaboration with Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a national, nonprofit organization led by several family members whose loved ones were killed in the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012. SHP is focused on preventing gun violence (and other forms of violence and victimization) BEFORE it happens by attracting, educating and mobilizing youth and adults to identify, intervene and get help for individuals who may be at-risk of hurting themselves or others.

In addition to the creation of SAVE Promise Clubs at both the middle and high schools and Start with Hello assemblies that trained students to break down barriers of social isolation, the district will also be embarking on the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System which is a youth violence prevention program that enables students and adults to submit secure and anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene with at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others. Users can report observed threats, behaviors, actions and harassment like bullying or mental health concerns. This program is projected to be fully implemented by the spring 2020.

From the Business Office

The business office is compiling documentation for auditors requests to complete the annual Audit in conjunction with the City Finance Department. Each year, as required by law, our financial reports are audited by a public auditing firm to certify financial statements and verify that proper accounting processes are followed. The final audit results are expected in late February.

Deployment of the Munis accounting software system is well under way. The district will be sharing the system and database with the City Finance department. This will lead to better reporting, simplified reconciliation with city books, and enhanced functionality for financial reporting. Munis provides a robust Human Resources and payroll module as well. It provides great tools for budgeting and tracking positions, adjusting encumbrances regularly, requisitioning and on boarding new employees, and includes an employee self-service portal. Deployment of this module is scheduled for Jan 2021.

The process of developing the proposed FY21 district budget has begun. The proposed budget will be presented to the Board of Education at a series of public meetings in February, for approval by March 15. All are encouraged to attend these informational meetings. Once approved by the Board of Education, the budget will then be sent to the Mayor and the City Council for approval.

Join New London Public Schools

Human Resources At A Glance

Through the hiring of highly qualified staff, the Human Resources Department provides district-wide services that support and uphold the district’s mission, United in Excellence.

During the summer of 2019, the Human Resources Department, in collaboration with district and school leaders, actively recruited for a variety of teacher and support positions, with over 70 new staff for the 2019-2020 school year. The department facilitated the hiring of several key leadership positions, including the Director of the Middle School Campus, the PreK-5 Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and the PreK-5 Supervisor of Special Education. Employment in New London Public Schools is both fulfilling and rewarding. Interested candidates are invited to view and apply to any of the district’s vacancies by visiting the district’s Employment and Opportunities webpage. Prospective candidates can set up an account on the district’s recruiting and hiring platform, Applitrack, and apply for positions of interest.

This fall, members of the department and the Superintendent’s Office attended a one-day training provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Connecticut State Police and the Criminal Justice Information Services Division. The training covered a broad range of topics based on guidelines of the United States Department of Criminal Justice. As a result of the training, the district gained new guidance for an upcoming federal audit, occurring statewide, of current policies and procedures. Additionally, the Human Resources staff continues to assist with the comprehensive Human Resources audit. Recommendations made by the auditors are implemented in real time, whenever possible.

The employee Recognition Committee chaired by the Human Resources staff works throughout the year to promote a sense of community among NLPS staff and communicate appreciation of their contributions to the district’s success. Recently the committee announced a new partnership with Hartford’s XL Center that offers discounted tickets to NLPS staff. Additionally, the committee is in the planning phases of the second annual Wellness Fair as well as the educator appreciation week events. Together with the District Magnet Communications staff, the department is now sending “Job Whale Done!” cards to send a thank you message to staff members on a regular basis.

Most recently, the Human Resources Department was awarded a three thousand dollar grant to support minority teacher recruitment through the regional consortium chaired by LEARN. Most of the grant dollars will be used to fund student scholarships for members of the 2020 graduating class who are considering a career in education.



Apply Today

The New London Food Service Department is committed to providing a variety of appealing and nutritious meals at no cost to our students through the Community Eligible Provision (CEP). All of our meals meet or exceed USDA guidelines and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act nutrition standards. In partnership with families, the community, and our city, our food service program strives to provide fuel to learn, assisting students in achieving their maximum potential.

After All, Healthy Children Are The Best Learners!


Nicole Fernandez, Harbor Elementary School; BJ Fields, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School; Eudarion Philidor, Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School; Jaylianis Perdomo, C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet; Avery Pitts, BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus; and Eliza Brown, NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus


John Cartagena, Harbor Elementary School; Joslynn Fields, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School; Bryel Herrera, Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School; Kayleb Bruce Allen, C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet; Sarah Nwachukwu, BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus; and Francesca Ledoux, NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus


Anaiya Delgado, Harbor Elementary School; Jadiel Gomes, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School; Nicolas Nguyen, Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School; Lailah Diane Maldonado, C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet; Frankee Morocho, BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus; and Haley Bump, NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus

Culinary Program Gives Holiday Meals

As a part of their annual holiday food distribution program, The Whaler Cafe delivered 120 meals to local families.

Joining the Whaler Cafe for meal delivery was the New London Police Department, the New London Fire Department, the ROTC, Dale Clark (District Motivation Officer), Bryan Doughty (Board of Education), and Curtis Goodwin (City Council).

Expo Highlights


Did you miss this year's Fall Magnet Expo? It was loads of fun! This year's Expo was hosted by C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet. The Expo gave families the opportunity to experience our three magnet pathways with exciting, hands-on experiences on all three floors!

With an interactive Follow Your Path Game, student performances, experiments, 3D Printing, International Festivals, a culinary demonstration, Magnet Pathway Student Ambassadors and food trucks, there was never a dull moment!

If you did not get the chance to experience this year's first, interactive Expo, make sure to come to next year's event and become a part of the experience. FALL MAGNET EXPO 2020!

Students with Representative Courtney

Becoming A Citizen!

Twelve New London Adult and Continuing Education students enrolled in Citizenship classes and became United States Citizens. All of the students were recognized for their accomplishments at the State Capitol with Representative Joe Courtney.

Multi-Magnet Secondary School Transition

New London’s Multi-Magnet Secondary Magnet School enrolls students in grades 6-12 and includes three learning pathways focused on STEM, International Education (IB candidate) and Visual and Performing Arts.

We are on track to transition the district to a Multi-Magnet Secondary Plan, developed in conjunction with Connecticut State Department of Education. The former, middle school Leadership Academy has transitioned to International Education (IB Candidacy) and our middle school staff will be launching our Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program (IB Candidacy) for students in 6th - 8th grades.

BDJMS, Science & Technology Magnet High School and New London High School have joined to become the new, Multi-Magnet Secondary School, enrolling students across two campuses: The BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus and the NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus. Both campuses house all secondary 6th - 12th grade International Education, Arts, and STEM Pathways.

Magnet Secondary Construction

BDJ and NLHS Multi-Magnet Campuses are currently under active construction. If you haven’t viewed our district’s Facebook and Twitter (NLPSWhaler) sites please do so to see all of the work that has happened at BDJ Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus thus far.

The district will keep families and the public updated on the multi-phase secondary construction projects via our district website. Make sure to visit our district website for important updates.

"A Day in The Life"

We are excited to release the New London Public Schools' “A Day In The Life” district video. Our new video puts the spotlight on our talented and diverse student population. Our students take you on the journey of a typical, magnet school day from their perspective. We start the day in Kindergarten and culminate with graduation. We hope you enjoy our new video as we explore each school and pathway, and offer a glimpse into the many perspectives of “A Day In The Life” of our students at New London Public Schools.

Sign Up For District Text Messages

Our district utilizes School Messenger to send important notifications to our families. With School Messenger we can send important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more! You can participate in this free service by phone call, text message and email! To opt-in to receive text messages from the district, text "Y" or "Yes" to our district's short code number, 68453.

Access PowerSchool

PowerSchool is the online software tool we use to house your student's information. You can access PowerSchool to check on your student's progress, school attendance, grades and comments, class schedules, lunch balances, and the daily bulletin. You can access SchoolMint Re-Enrollment to update your student's information. With PowerSchool our goal is to increase communication and collaboration with parents, students and teachers. PowerSchool allows you to get more information about your child’s education while encouraging students to take increased ownership of their learning. To access PowerSchool you can create an account to login. PowerSchool can be accessed from your mobile device and you can view each of your students' information with a single login. Contact your school to get your PowerSchool Access ID and Access password.

Tell Your Story. Tell Our Story. Make A Difference. Campaign

This school year we launched a new, “Tell Your Story. Tell Our Story. Make A Difference.” Campaign. video series. The Tell Your Story. Campaign looks to tell a variety of homegrown stories from the perspective of students, community members, family members, teachers and staff.

Anyone can get involved! We want to hear your story! It's easy! Just click HERE to volunteer.

Visit our Tell Your Story webpage and each month we will share new stories from all of you. We hope you enjoy!

Attend a Meet, Eat & Greet with Superintendent Ritchie

Come and meet Superintendent Ritchie at a Meet, Eat & Greet! Get the chance to Introduce yourself and share your thoughts and ideas about New London Public Schools. Meet, Eat & Greets are held each month, please visit our district website for the next available event!

We hope to meet you there!

United in Excellence District Podcast

Are you looking to get insight into all things New London Public Schools? If so, Superintendent Ritchie, hosts a District Podcast! The United in Excellence Podcast provides insight into the Superintendent's plan and vision for the district and all things New London Public Schools.

What is SchoolMint?

SchoolMint is our district's online application, registration and student update portal. All of our currently enrolled students and new, incoming students have a SchoolMint account. When families submit applications in SchoolMint, the experience is quick and easy to use, and applications are more likely to be accurate & complete.

SchoolMint can be accessed by mobile phone or computer, and families can use a single account to securely submit applications for multiple children and to multiple schools. Families can rank their school preferences, track the status of applications and registrations, respond to school offers, and fill out or upload registration forms.

Please contact the Magnet Office at 860-444-3185 if you need to reset your SchoolMint username or password. Computer access is available to families in our Welcome Center at 134 Williams Street.


We are currently accepting SchoolMint applications for the 2020-2021 School Year. All applications submitted during the Open Enrollment period will be included in the 20-21 SY lottery. To enroll new students or to request a school or pathway change, make sure to submit your applications by the Open Enrollment submission dates. Families must submit applications for siblings to attend and all current preschoolers entering Kindergarten for the 20-21 school year.

Computer access is available in the Welcome Center. Please contact us at 860-447-6000 for more information.

Applications submitted after the Open Enrollment deadlines are included in the Applicant Pool.

6th-12th grade Open Enrollment submission deadline is January 17th
Kindergarten-5th grade Open Enrollment submission deadline is March 6th

At Harbor School

Harbor Elementary School is the transition move to STEAM! We started in the Fall of 2019, infusing the best of the Arts and STEM into one comprehensive learning experience for Kindergarten through 5th grades. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that serves as an access point for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results in a Harbor learning community who takes thoughtful risks, engages in experiential learning, and embraces collaboration through a creative process. All of which are critical components of our improvement plans. Harbor 5th graders this year will be guaranteed seats in the 6th grade International Education Pathway for the 2020-2021 school year. We look forward to working with parents, staff and students to implement our new magnet focus!

NBC Connecticut meteorologist, Josh Cingarelli, and the Snow Monster, its state-of-the-art weather vehicle visited as part of providing STEAM programming for our Harbor scholars. This Jeep Wrangler 4x4 gathers and delivers meteorological data. One feature that sets Snow Monster apart is its ground temperature sensors, which provides data relating to road conditions. Students were able to interact with onboard high definition cameras and other customized tools for enhanced weather data gathering and telestration capability (including barometric pressure, wind direction, wind speed, wind chill, air pressure, relative humidity and more). Knowing the weather is to especially vital during the winter months. This was an amazing opportunity for a first-hand look at technology.

Harbor has connected with the University of Connecticut to participate in the Application for Readiness in Schools and Learning Evaluation (APPRISE). This is a tablet-based program used to identify children at risk for learning difficulty, specifically dyslexia. Currently, there are standardized paper-and-pencil tests for early screening, but this is the first application (app) program that can do this. A screening app can make it easier and more efficient to screen students. Children can be screened through the app with little or no assistance from a teacher by simply playing the app games. The app project is led by Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, an internationally known researcher on dyslexia who is Director of the Brain Imaging Research Center at UConn and faculty at UC San Francisco. She is also co-chair of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Scientific Advisory Board. She, along with Devin Kearns at UConn, John Gabrieli at MIT, the Dyslexia Center at UCSF, and Curious Learning (an ed-tech non-profit) are developing the app. This program is for approximately 50 students between the ages 4 – 8 (PK through 3rd).

For the second year in a row, Harbor School participated in the Take a Veteran to School Day. We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of veterans, partners (Comcast, History Channel), Superintendent Ritchie, and the amazing staff and students at Harbor School. The Take a Veteran to School Day encourages schools to connect veterans with young people to hear their stories of service and learn more about Veterans Day (https://www.history.com). This event is extremely valuable to our ongoing effort to offer students’ and staff members’ valuable experiences, where diversity is celebrated as a strength and collaboration, leadership and relationships are valued as essential to all we do.

Visual & Performing Arts Update

Congratulations to NLPS Students selected as musicians for multiple top music festivals in Connecticut!

Jane Statchen and Gianna Henderson were chosen to participate in the American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA) Honors Band, which took place this year at Bacon Academy on November 18. They spent all day rehearsing with select musicians from high schools all over the state and performed in a phenomenal concert that night. Also in November, students auditioned for both the CT Music Educators Association (CMEA) High School Music Festival and Middle School Music Festival.

Selected for the High School Music Festival was Jane Statchen and Taina Smith for the Eastern Region HS band, and Kloe Tedford for the Eastern Region HS chorus. The 2-day festival and concert takes place at UCONN in January.

Selected for the Middle School Music Festival was Alina Skrabacz - Percussion and Kysha Lopez -Baritone Saxophone for the Eastern Region MS band, and Mi-Na Bonterre and Solibella Davis for the Eastern Region MS chorus. The 2-day festival and concert takes place in Enfield in March.

Many thanks to our dedicated NLPS music directors Leah Stillman (HS), Geoff Brookes & Sloan Williams (MS) for preparing and providing these opportunities for our talented students!

STEM Student Attends Perry Initiative

11th grader, Madisyn Covington, attended the Perry Initiative in November, at the UConn Medical School in Farmington. Madisyn is an active student in the Biomedical rack and ROTC. She was selected among dozens of applicants for this program.

The Perry initiative is a program committed to inspiring young women to be leaders in the exciting fields of Orthopedic Surgery and Engineering. Ms. Covington is interested in Orthopedics as a career.

(Image: Madisyn Covington, Far Right)

STEM Science Fair

Whaler Cafe!

Chef Tomm's, student-run, Whaler Cafe is making waves with great food! Popular items like beef/lamb Gyros with freshly made tzatziki sauce with french fries.

The Cafe also has bags of their student-made pasta for sale for $4.00 each, including Fussili and Casarecce.

The Whaler Cafe 😊 thanks you for your support!


Student Chefs

Whaler Cafe students held a Restaurant Pop Up at RD86 on December 10th. The Whaler Cafe Pop Up offered diners a full à la carte menu, a full tasting menu and kids' meal option. participants were given a choice of appetizers, main entrees, and dessert.

À la carte menu at RD86

AMI Practice at NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus

The JROTC unit recently prepared for their Annual Area Managers Inspection (AMI). The inspection occurred on November 13th and was conducted by CAPT Michael Turdo, Commanding Officer of the USCG Bargue Eagle (America's Tall Sailing Ship). CAPT Turdo graded the inspection as outstanding! Congratulations to JROTC!

Post-Secondary Education

On November 20th ESL, Credit-diploma and GED students toured the New England Technical Institute in Warwick, RI to learn about degree opportunities available in automotive technology, allied health, computer science and criminal justice. The Transition to the Post-Secondary Program at New London Adult and Continuing Education (NLAE) offers assistance and support in career planning, college access and financial aid assistance.

Farm Visit

Through a Frank Loomis Palmer Fund Grant, Credit diploma and GED Program students learn about Healthy Nutrition and healthy food choices. New London Adult and Continuing Education students visited Stone Acres Farm in Stonington, CT. Stone Acres has sixty-three working acres. During their visit, students tasted and documented the similarities and differences among the types of squash and radish grown on the farm.

Training at Adult Education

The New London Adult and Continuing Education Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program (I-BEST) offers workforce education in areas that match local demand. Programs such as Culinary, Auto Technician, and Certified Nursing Assistant are offered where students learn the skills to work in the food, auto, or health industries. Upon completion, students earn certificates for the course, CNA students take the State of Connecticut CNA certification examination and Culinary students take the safe food handler certification examination.

ISSUE NO. 2 January 2020

134 Williams Street, New London, CT 06320


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