Towering Over London The Tower bridge

By John R. Howley
The Tower Bridge is a Suspension Bridge that runs over the River Thames, acting as an important Artery connecting London, England.

It was constructed from 1886-1894 under order of the British Government. Sir Horace Jones and E.W Crutwell were in charge of construction and design of the bridge during the eight year period of construction.

In total 432 workers were employed to construct the bridge, but construction over the River Thames was dangerous and came at the expense of 30 lives.

Finally upon completion of the bridge, a massive celebration was held in recognition of the British government's and workers' efforts.

The bridge finally opened to the public on June 30th , 1894.

Though the bridge had been altered many times (such as during World War II when the bridge served as better protection against bomb raids), Its final and most recent modernization was completed 2012, after the bridge had received a "face lift" under the care of Bridge House Estates.

The "face lift" costed just over €4 Million dollars, but was a secure investment because it is predicted that the bridge's improvements will protect and function for 25 years, with little maintenance needed.

The Tower Bridge has since become one of London's premier tourist attractions and is crossed by over 40,000 people every day.

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