LEVI DA CRUZ & THE SYMPHONIC DIVAS The most unique sound experience

Where everything started

Once a famous fashion designer who studied in Paris from the biggest haute couture designers came to us to share his latest ideas. He wanted to create a completely new fashion show. He knew how to make exceptionally beautiful dresses and how to mix classic lines, in his design with modern forms and colors of today, but he did not know what style of music would be the perfect background to this new concept.

So after listening a lots of music we decided to make our own music. What it's smooth and sentimental on the one hand, but enough rhythmical and powerful on other hand. At the end we collected and produced this sound with the biggest top hits.

Trust in your feelings, immerse yourself in this experience, and you will have goose bumps!

We think this is one of the most unique music concept where the smooth classic symphonic sound meet with the powerful electronic beats. This formation called Levi da Cruz & the Symphonic Divas. They have played several events at GAP, Vienna Film Ball, Porsche Panamera Show, Playboy etc.

Levi da Cruz

Levi da Cruz raised in Hungary. He is a DJ/producer. He works mainly on house music tracks. He has been rolling around the whole house scene since from the beginning. He has played in clubs worldwide too like United States, Canada, Ibiza, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta etc.

As a dj he worked 3 times in a row with the very known brand Hed Kandi America Radio what is the Ministry of Sound’s label.

As a producer he is collaborating the world famous Pacha Ibiza who released his 3 different songs in a row on 3 different compilations under a year! Pacha Ibiza Summer 2016, Pacha Ibiza 2017, Pacha Ibiza Chillout. All together he has more than 70 releases internationally. Most of the label he is working with is in the capital of European electronic music in Berlin.

The most memorable event for him when he was invited as a guest star dj to the biggest festival on this planet to TOMORROWLAND, Belgium. Not once but twice he could play on Brussel Airlines' Cloudrider stage.

Bentley Budapest Grand Opening Show

Vienna Film Ball

DELL Show @Kiscelli Museum

Porsche Panamera show @Ferihegy Airport

GAP Austria - First Store Opening

Flyer design

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The unexpected sound of Levi da Cruz & the Symphonic Divas

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