WhereWereYouLastNight Thebosswendellb

We open with a big body luxury car driving thru the frame. We then establish a male figure in the back seat making a phone call. This is how our visual begins. We establish Big Wendell looking like a Boss being driven presidential style as he calls his lady to find her whereabouts. We just show the girls mouth on the phone not revealing her just yet. We move forward in the video now capturing Wendell as he walks thru the plush grounds of his mansion or house continuing his phone call. On the other side we finally reveal a beautiful female setting on a bed. She's responding to Wendell but it's something fishy going on and Wendell is trying to get to the bottom of it.

We notice another female in the background as Wendell's lady continues to defend herself. Her friend is beautiful also and they seem very friendly with each other.

We now find Wendell posted in the plush mansion or nice house. In cinematic fashion he continues his phone call with his lady. Wendell has flashbacks of him and his girl having a good time. He also has flashes of her with another guy. They end there convo in discuss. Wendell just plays it cool as we see a pair of heels walking in slo motion. We go back to the room with Wendell's girl. The beautiful girl in the room with his lady is smoking hot she walks up to her and gives her a passionate embrace and sexy lil kiss. At this point we realize he wasn't a guy it was another girl the whole time.

It's clear that the phone conversation plays as a storyline master performance. I will then capture a performance in the house and a performance on the grounds of the house. Our final performance will be in a white studio cyc wall. This is the money performance it's going to be the glue that makes the video complete. I can capture the beauty of the the model and most importantly I can capture some high production looks for Big Wendell.

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