The Worst Day Of My Life By: enci mendez

During a cold December Saturday night, I was in my house Malibu, California to see my Aunt Alissa since I hadn’t seen her in a while and I finally had a vacation from my new job as a private detective. But before I even had the chance to call my aunt and tell her I would go to her house to visit, I received a call back from Santa Barbara, my hometown.

“Hello Ms. Moretti, do you remember about that 16 year old that went missing this November when she was hitchhiking her way back home?”, I answered saying,”Yes, did you guys find more information with what happened to her?”. Then he said, ”Well we actually found her mutilated body in an abandoned barn hidden deep within the countryside”. My reaction was horrified and disgusted.”We even found signs of rape in her body. Her system was found with traces of ketamine and rohypnol. Bruises and broken bones were noticeable in her body”, he said more as I try to talk after hearing all of that. “Do you know if there are people who are suspects in this horrifying case?”, I asked, “Well maybe you’re talking to him at this prime moment. Good luck at finding out my identity. Try everything you can, but you’ll never find me or your younger siblings Rolando and Beth ever again. Goodbye!”, that’s all I heard after he hung up. Then I received a call from my mother telling me that my younger siblings were gone and nowhere to be found.

How my younger sister may have gotten kidnapped and forced to stay quiet or she'll get harmed

As soon I realized that it was true, I drove back to Santa Barbara at 10:30 and arrived at 11:40 to my house. My mom told me that she already had called the police and that the kidnapping and murder case was already getting looked at by other investigators and and that i should get some rest, but I couldn’t sleep knowing that some sick psychopath could do harm to my brother and sister and if something were to happen to them, I’d die and feel guilty. After 4 hours of moving and trying to get some sleep, I was finally able to sleep for about 2 hours when I heard my mom scream in horror and realized something bad happened. She had received 5 letters from the killer, rapist and kidnapper telling her that if she was able to crack the hidden message found between the letters, she might receive a surprise. I told her that we should take them to the police and that I would help them decoded the letters to see what it actually means.

One of the letters that was found in my porch at morning

After breakfast, we took the letter to the police so they can have it decipher by investigators, and I decided to help. What we deciphered from the 1st letter was shocking.

During the time we tried to decipher the 1st letter

“Hey there Roberta Moretti, you might not remember me but oh lord, I remember you from high school. When you were barely a sophomore and I was a senior, I had fallen in love with you to the point where I idolized you and followed you everywhere you went. I watched you through your bedroom window every night and watched carefully everything you liked. I stressed myself over how to ask you out perfectly over a course of 4 months and how I wouldn’t let any guy get near you when we would finally be together. I planned so many things for our future relationship but I just needed you to consent about being mine forever, so I asked you out on a date but you were already seeing another guy. From that moment on, I developed a strong feeling of hatred for not just you but for your friends and family”.

How he must've been writing the letters to hide what they actually had between them

When I finished reading all of that, I was not only crying but terrified of what might happen to my friends and family. I would constantly ask myself, “Why did I let this happen?””What else can he do to indirectly hurt me or hit one of my weaknesses?” But what the second letter said made me fear my life and everyone’s around it.

Me crying and scared for everyone around me

“Well after high school, I would constantly watch you and also found your weaknesses and realized that all of them had something connected with your loved ones. I have been watching you over the past 11 years of your life and had to carefully plan this kidnapping of your siblings and the kidnap, rape and murder of 16 year old girl Sofia Smith. In case you didn’t know, Sophia Smith is actually your half sister that came from an affair your deceased father had when you were barely 10 years old. Remember all of those business trip weekends that your father had? Well they were actually excuses to meet up with his lover. I found out by watching your dad and waited for her to be old enough to go out, so I can finally be able to kill her and make her go through the pain you made me go through.”

The dad having an affair behind his wife's back.

After the last few sentences, I felt like of my entire life had been a lie and anxiety and frustration were taking over me. I felt confused and stressed out over these letters, but what the third letter said, made me feel desperate and more frustrated about everything going on.

Me feeling frustrated with all of the things I just found out about

“Do you want to know what actually happened to your daddy? About his death? Well it wasn’t actually an accident but something done in purpose. When I would be watching you, I would also follow your other family members around to also watch their weaknesses. I was watching your dad when I found out about Sophia and the affair. I was so mad that I decided to kill him in a so called “car accident”. I cut his brakes when he left the car open in a remote, isolated area by the woods. When he was driving, something caught his attention, and because of that his car was going into the direction of a tree, he realized that and tried using the breaks but it was too late. He crashed into the tree and immediately died. Well because of the fact that I cut his brakes, I was responsible of his death. ”

the car after the accident

I immediately wanted to find out who this disgusting human being was. In just within the matter of hours, this monster had already ruined my life and hurt me in a way no one else had. On a piece of paper he wrote that the last two letters would reveal Sofia‘s body location, where I could find my siblings safe and sound and his name. But here was the problem, the last two letters couldn’t be deciphered by any of us including the best investigator there. That’s where I started panicking, crying and feeling frustrated over the fact that we would never catch the killer, find Sofia‘s body and I’ll never see my siblings again. The letters frustrated me with just looking at them. I was having an emotional and mental breakdown knowing that they still hadn’t decipher neither of them. They told me to go get some food and get some rest since I was stressed out about everything that was going on. I was also told that they would let me know if they finally deciphered them by tomorrow morning. After that, I went home to eat and sleep for the rest of the day.

Me getting some rest after everything that happened

The next morning I got a call telling that they were finally able to localize the abandoned farm and that they already had the body, but they wanted me to go with them to rescue my siblings from that sick monster. So I decided to get ready by wearing some dark colored clothes with some sunglasses. They met with an Arabic investigator that’ll lead the police to the house my siblings were in ,but they couldn’t understand him so I volunteered to translate for them what he was saying since I understood Arabic. He mentioned to me that the last two letters were deciphered in Arabic and Chinese and told me the killer’s name.”Fabrizio Abadi”, he said,”I’m not surprised that he put the hidden messages in foreign languages”.

Just imagine a girl sitting there talking to the Arabic investigator

After a 2 hour drive, we finally were able to arrive to the house, which was actually really nice. The police got out first and then we did. They had to clear the path for us and arrest the monster who had committed unspeakable crimes.

The police arresting the sick monster

When they finally arrested him he said, “Oh lord, if you knew who I’m actually doing it for. I’m doing this for my boss and his crime family that are still out there. As long as they’re out there, you’ll never know who’s actually responsible for all of this, I’m just an accomplice!

The crazy dude saying scary things to the police

What did he mean with that? Was there more people involved? Or was he just saying that so he could have all the attention on him? Was there something more dark lurking through our surroundings?

Questioning everything he was saying



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