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The limits the founders put on the government are interesting for many reasons. The articles of confederation were adopted on November 15, 1777. The A.O.C were made because the colonies did not want to repeat the way that england was run. It was run by one overruling person that had way too much power. They were approved by all 13 states by 1781. The articles were meant to create a nation that was “a league of friendship and perpetual union”. The founders wanted less power for the federal government and more power for the state's government.

U.S flag, representing the united states of amarica.


Here is one part of the government that the founders wanted to limit, the structure. Each state had one vote, and only had two-seven delegates. Which could only serve a three year sentence because the government didn't want them to have too much power. There was no judicial branch because they didn't want one group of people to have too much power. Same for them not wanting to have a president because they did not want that person to have too much power.


Here is another part of the government that the founders wanted to limit, the protection of the united states. Only the states could have army's. Yet, the government could appoint army officers and could make agreements with other countries and the natives. But the government cannot engage in war with other countries.the government was also not allowed to make treaties with other countries.

People raising there hand, represents that people were not forced to join the millatary.


The third part of the government that the founders wanted to limit was the taxation of its people.The government can't collect taxes because they were afraid that the states would be mad at them for taking their money, so they had to ask the states for money. The states on the other hand could tax their residents and regulate trade with other states. The government could print money and get money from their treasury, which the state's supplied if the states wanted to.

.the founders, they are proposing differaint ideas about taxation.


The federal government limited themselves and strangthened the states in their structure, protection and taxation. All of which are important and dangerous to a country and government. They are important because without them there will be no country. but they are dangerous because if you for instance had really high taxes the people could get angry and overthrow the government.

this picture is of the states. i chose this because this the end of the essay and it is all of the states after the A.O.C was sined.



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