Hearing .and Hunting Wolfs .and about Wolfs By Deven Smith


hunting equipment

To see,feel,hear a wolf first you'll need equipment,(For example the implements used in an activity) like goggles so you can see the wolf. you will need a wolf whistle to call the wolf so you can see it too next you will need a weapon,( a sharp object. to protect yourself,) to protect yourself . a first aid kit so if you get bit. or if you hurt yourself. and you will need bait like meat any kind of meat will work .to help you spot the wolf.


clothes for hunting

You will need this kind of clothes boots,a heavy jacket,gloves,a hat,earmuffs,snow pants so you don't get snow in your pants .and try. .to get it out,a scarf these will need to be camouflage,(. to blend into something,) .to blend in with your surroundings,( something around u,).


people hunting

You will need to be sneaky then you will need .to get up high .to use your goggles so you can see a wolf.Then you will need your whistle to. call the wolf toward you. The weapon is in case you get attacked. If you get attacked this is why you need a first aid kit,( it's a kit with medicine in it,). to heal,( .to wrap .and put medicine on a cut,)yourself .and the bait,(A kind of food that is a trap,) is to get the wolf distracted,( .to look at something that's annoying,) About

Facts about Wolves


Wolfs go in packs of 5 ,or they could be in a group of 8 .to even 20. Wolf Hunt Deer, Moose, Reindeers,cows,buffaloes,oxe ( a kind of buffalo,). the male alpha wolf,( socially dominant especially in a group of animals,) go hunts for food for the pack the pack will forget about each other because of the food so they will fight each other until the male alpha .and the female alpha shows dominate,(.to be predominant in,) .to the pack.the pack will go back to attacking . the oxe by biting the legs . and biting the neck until it. dies. .and falls over then they will jump on the oxe .and eat it. Baby wolves are called pups they are called pups because Wolves are in the Dog Family,(a person who is related to. u,) that why the baby wolves are called pups.Wolves can be found in woods,rocky mountains .and snowy mountains.Wolves are mistaken,( .to be known as someone else,) as coyotes,. and huskies,( a kind of dog,). Wolves are in many stories such as the three little pigs .and the big bad wolf .and the little red riding hood and in many commercial and. in movies and there is even a myth,(.and illustration a legend of something,) about them it is called a werewolf it's a human who is half wolf and. turns into a werewolf,(Turning .to a Human That is half wolf,) at night.

Different Types of Wolves


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